China Closes Beijing Newspaper in Media Crackdown
By John Pomfret, Washington Post Friday, June 20, 2003


Officials Ban Reporting on Sensitive Subjects, including Province's Handling of SARS. The government has shut down also several Chinese newspapers, including Beijing New Times, a small newspaper run by the Worker's Daily Group, one of the country's biggest newspaper publishing companies, sources at the newspaper said. Beijing New Times was shut two weeks ago after it published a list of the seven "most nauseating things" in China, a cutting parody of the Communist system. The article criticized the rubber-stamp National People's Congress and another consultative body called the Chinese People's Consultative Conference, whose members, the report said, "are so old they've forgotten their names." More More

In China, AIDS Crisis Is at the Mercy of Global Commerce

By Peter S. Goodman. Washington Post Foreign Service.  12/05/02

In a recent report, the United Nations described AIDS in China as "a titanic peril," one that places the country "on the verge of a catastrophe that could result in unimaginable human suffering, economic loss and social devastation." Experts say China, along with India, is likely to eventually be home to the largest population of AIDS sufferers in the world. More