Regulations of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition






1.         The Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition is an integrated organization of democracy groups and individuals whose objective is to end the Chinese Communist Partyís dictatorship and to establish freedom and democratic system of government.


2.         The Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition represents the fundamental interest and benefit of the Chinese people whose basic human rights are exploited by the Chinese Communist Partyís dictatorship.  Its historic mission is to mobilize and organize the Chinese people to fight for freedom.


3.         Members of other democracy movement groups who recognize the regulations of the OCDC and take the necessary procedures to join the OCDC can become OCDC members.  Individuals who are interested in joining OCDC must go through local OCDC offices to apply.  After approval, he or she can become an OCDC member.  All members have equal rights in the OCDC.


4.         Members are free to withdraw from the OCDC when they submit request in writing to their local offices.


5.         The OCDCís central executive committee reserves the right to expel the members who violate the OCDC rules or cause harm to the organization.


6.                 The full representative commission is the highest authority in the OCDC.  The representative commission is called on by the chairman and convenes once a year.  Under special circumstances, the central executive committee can choose to move up or delay the session within a six-month period.  Representatives of the coalition are selected in proportion from different groups.


7.                 The chairman of OCDC is elected by the representative commission and is responsible of carrying out the coalitionís activities.  The chairman can maintain its position as long as he or she is elected consecutively.