Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A46-W11



Release Date: December 25, 2003



Topic: Holiday Greetings and a letter to Wei Jingsheng



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)





Dear friends and readers,


Happy new year and season’s greetings to you all!  Thank you very much for your support in the past year, as well as your holiday greetings and best wishes, either by phone calls, by e-mails, or by cards.  We appreciate them very much.  At this time, we thank you all, although not specifically and individually.  Personally, I also want to thank those of you who have submitted your articles for our website and newsletters.  In particular, I want to thank those who have patiently helped me to correct my poor English for our various publications, especially the newsletters.  They are: Prof. Lawrence Anderson-Huang, Mr. Dick Kleeman, Mr. Robert T. Huang, Ms. Minky Worden, and Mrs. Louise Bankey.


Here, we share with you a letter Mr. Wei Jingsheng received for this holiday, as a token of thanks to so many of our supporters.


Again, thank you and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!


-- Ciping Huang




Dear Mr.JingSheng Wei:


When Mr. Solzhenitsyn got arrested in 1974, over one hundred writers in the USSR Writers’Society signed a petition to the government to show their anger and protest. That made me sigh:  the Russian people were different from our Chinese. If the same thing happened in China, especially 20 years ago, it might be very hard to hear one voice like a light cough showing one’s concern or doubt, not to mention over a hundred to write in protest. Might it be because the “braveness genes” in our Chinese’blood have been diluted, weakened, or killed in the past thousands of years after too much suppression with cruel methods such as “killing all of the people of the nine relationships associated with if one rebels”? Are Americans physically and emotionally stronger as the descendants of those who traveled over the thousand-miles sea and struggled in a tough new land?  Are we Chinese the later generations of those who survived by not being brave enough and having more “coward genes”?  


Chinese is a coward nationality, and I’m the one of them. I cannot help sobbing to see this.

Therefore, whenever a brave one stands up, he/she is always an earthshaking hero to me. During my growing up period, it first was Yu LuoKe, then Zhang Zhixin, both were executed, then it was you. One day I visited Beijing and asked my relative who lived near Xidan: “Where is the Xidan Democracy Wall?” Although the Wall and the articles were all put into the prison along with your freedom, I still went there in order to show my special respect and admiration.


However, my respect and admiration towards you at that moment were mostly affected by your courage and sacrifice. I knew very little about your reasoned thinking and thoughts. At that time, “Bravery” meant “Martyr”, with a heavy price of one’s blood and life. 


Finally I got a chance to read your works and thoughts in the United States.  In one of your articles, you mentioned that it was many poor peasants in the countryside that made you start to doubt: why don’t the beautiful words from the Chinese Communism Party match this ugly picture at all? Since then you became an independent democratic thinker and pioneer, and no longer lived in clover.


It reminds me of my own experience.  When I was in Northern of Jiangsu Province during the Cultural Revolution, one day I saw more than one hundred peasants were pushed out of the waiting room in XuZhou train station. One peasant murmured: “Why do you push us out? We have purchased the tickets”. I asked the station worker: “Why can't they stay here? Outside it is snowing”.  The station worker answered: “Look at them, so dirty, tattered like beggars. It will damage the stations' image.” Then I followed the peasants outside and asked: “Where do you plan to go?” “Our village people have been starved for a long time. We have no way out. We will go to DongBei. It is said we can work in the mine to earn some money.”  The great hope was shining through their hungry eyes.


Many similar situations made me start to doubt Communism. However, it was only doubt. I had no guts to do anything to change it.


Later, after I read more of your articles and works, I gradually learned that your courage does not only come from pure braveness, but from the solid belief that is the result of many years reading, thinking and searching.  Recently, I got the chance to know you more via Ciping. The more I read and know about your words, thoughts, and works, the more I feel that you are a very rational thinker. You are different from some others who are always very radical and wrathful, even though you have thousand reasons to be more wrathful after two times arrest and many years in prison. Your humble and unadorned words transferred the convincing points with long-lasting influence that changed people’s minds. Whenever someone mentions your name now, I have to be silent for a while since I cannot find the suitable words to show my deeper respect and greater admiration.

The recent newsletter reported your poor health condition and it makes me very worried.  I want to send you a check as a small Christmas gift to show my concern and good wishes. It is a small gift indeed to compare with what you have suffered in the prisons and what dangers that you are facing now. So I hope you can accept it without saying something.


I wish you have better health and wish the democracy undertakings that you are fighting for will get much progress.                                                                                





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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A46-W11



Release Date: December 25, 2003



Topic: Holiday Greetings and a letter to Wei Jingsheng
















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