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Release Date: February 18, 2004



Topic: An Urgent Personal Appeal from WEI Jingsheng



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An Urgent Personal Appeal from WEI Jingsheng



Dear friends,


Over the years, many of you have supported me and the Chinese human rights and democracy movement.  And nowadays, I often hear you ask me what you could do to help our cause.  I surely appreciate it, as I know your kindness is not out of sympathy, but of conscience.


Now you can help, to act on your conscience and kindness, for our Chinese fellows who suffer human rights abuses.


As many of you know, the Chinese human rights condition has deteriorated over the last few years.  One of the important factors is the lack of international pressure, including the lack of a resolution presented to condemn the Chinese government's human rights record at the UNHCHR (United Nations' High Commission for Human Rights).  This omission has been particularly true for the last two years when such a resolution was not even proposed at the UNHCHR's annual meeting in Geneva, as other factors outweighed the human rights issue.


Now the annual Commission meeting is going to start next month, yet we still have not seen a country come forward to propose such a resolution, including the United States.  I am extremely appreciative of a recent bill proposed in the US Congress by two long time champions of Chinese human rights, Rep. Chris Smith and Rep. Frank Wolf, calling on the US administration to support Chinese human rights by presenting a resolution in the upcoming UNHCHR Geneva meeting.  I also appreciate the 30 congressional members who have already co-sponsored the bill, especially those members who have personally responded to my appeal.


This bill is planned to be moved in HIRC (House International Relation Committee) on Feb. 25 and go to the House floor shortly afterward.  However, currently, we still need an additional two members from HIRC as the original co-sponsors of the bill to make it through. 


Hereby, I am making a personal appeal to my friends who have tried to help us in the past to help this time.  Please reach these congressional members, especially those members who are from your district, and persuade them to co-sponsor and vote on this resolution.


I am attaching for you the members in HIRC who have not yet agreed to co-sponsor the bill, along with the appeal from Rep. Chris Smith and Rep. Frank Wolf.


Thanks you very much for your attention and your help!


Wei Jingsheng




Attachment 1: Proposed bill in US House by Rep. Chris Smith & Rep. Frank Wolf


Support Human Rights in China


Hold China accountable before the UN Commission on Human Rights


Dear Colleague:


As the Administration prepares for the annual UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva this March, we must not forget about the serious, systematic, and ongoing human rights abuses inflicted by the government of the People's Republic of China upon its own people.  In describing the PRC, last year's State Department Human Rights report, stated:


     The PRC's human rights record throughout the year remained poor . . . Abuses included instances of extra-judicial killings, torture and mistreatment of prisoners, forced confessions, arbitrary arrest and detention, lengthy incommunicado detention, and denial of due process . . . Government respect for religious freedom remained poor and crackdowns against Muslim Uyghurs, Tibetan Buddhists, and unregistered groups, including underground Protestant and Catholic groups, continued.


In addition to persecuting the above mentioned religious groups, we know that the persecution of the Falun Gong continues to intensify, opponents of the regime continue to be unjustly imprisoned, and women continue to flee forced abortions.  We also know that the government continues to violate international law through forcibly deporting thousands of North Korean refugees, many of whom are subsequently sent to concentration camps where they face vicious persecution and death.


In the midst of the War and Terrorism and the serious situation in North Korea, we must not lose sight of the serious, ongoing human rights abuses in China.  Along with a number of our colleagues, we plan on introducing a resolution calling on the Administration and the world community to push for the passage of a resolution condemning the PRC's human rights abuses.  For more information, or to sign-on as an original cosponsor, please contact George Phillips (Rep. Smith) at x53765. 




CHRISTOPHER H. SMITH                                        FRANK WOLF

Member of Congress                                          Member of Congress  




Attachment 2: HIRC members who have not yet agreed to co-sponsor the bill in "Support Human Rights in China"


Listed as:

Name, fax number

State, district number

(Please check on the Internet for other contact information)


Gary L. Ackerman      1-202-225-1589

New York, 5th District


Cass Ballenger      1-202-225-0316

North Carolina, 10th District


Chris Bell       

Texas, 25th District


Doug Bereuter      1-202-225-5686

Nebraska, 1st District


Shelley Berkley      1-202-225-3119

Nevada, 1st District


Howard L. Berman      1-202-225-3196

California, 28th District


Earl Blumenauer      1-202-225-8941

Oregon, 3rd District


Roy Blunt         1-202-225-5604

Missouri, 7th District


Dan Burton        1-202-225-0016

Indiana, 5th District


Steve Chabot      1-202-225-3012

Ohio, 1st District


Joseph Crowley      1-202-225-1909

New York, 7th District


William D. Delahunt      1-202-225-

Massachusetts, 10th District


Eliot L. Engel 1-202-225-5513

New York, 17th District


Eni F. H. Faleomavaega     

American Samoa


Jeff Flake        1-202-226-4386

Arizona, 6th District


Elton Gallegly      1-202-225-1100

California, 24th District


Katherine Harris     

Florida, 13th District


Joseph M. Hoeffel      1-202-226-0611

Pennsylvania, 13th District


Amo Houghton      1-202-225-5574

New York, 29th District


Henry J. Hyde, Chairman      1-202-225-1166

Illinois, 6th District


Peter King        1-202-226-2279

New York, 3rd District


James A. Leach 1-202-226-1278

Iowa, 2nd District


Barbara Lee       1-202-225-9817

California, 9th District


Betty McCollum      1-202-225-1968

Minnesota, 4th District


Thaddeus G. McCotter   

Michigan, 11th District


John M. McHugh      1-202-226-0621

New York, 23rd District


Gregory W. Meeks 1-202-226-4169

New York, 6th District


Robert Menendez      1-202-226-0792

New Jersey, 13th District


Ron Paul          1-202-226-4871

Texas, 14th District


Joseph R. Pitts 1-202-225-2013

Pennsylvania, 16th District


Edward R. Royce 1-202-226-0335

California, 40th District


Adam B. Schiff      1-202-225-5828

California, 29th District


Adam Smith        1-202-225-5893

Washington, 9th District


Nick Smith        1-202-225-6281

Michigan, 7th District


Diane E. Watson     

California, 33rd District


Jerry Weller      1-202-225-3521

Illinois, 11th District


Robert Wexler      1-202-225-5974

Florida, 19th District





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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A53-G16



Release Date: February 18, 2004



Topic: An Urgent Personal Appeal from WEI Jingsheng































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