Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A54-G17



Release Date: March 4, 2004



Topic: Wei Jingsheng Expresses Gratitude to Our Supporters



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Note by the editor on March 22, 2004,


We have learned the news that the USA is going to present a resolution condemning the Chinese government’s human rights record at the ongoing 60th United Nations’ Human Rights Commission.  Human rights are the cornerstone of human civilization and democracy.  I hope, whatever other differences there are, on the human rights issue the democratic Western governments should and will stand firm and together.  This hope is what we expressed to Mr. Lorne Craner, the Assistant Secretary of State of the USA, last week during our meeting urging the USA to present this resolution.  And this hope is also Mr. Wei’s message to our European friends on his recent two trips this year in Europe.  Human rights in China are not just an issue for China, but also an issue for the world peace and human dignity.


So here is the first of the long overdue news.


-- Ciping Huang




Wei Jingsheng: A Letter of Appreciation to the Support of our Friends



Dear friends,


I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for your effort in supporting me and the Chinese human rights and democracy movement.  Thanks in particular for responding to my personal appeal of two weeks ago.


As some of you already know, we finally got more than enough co-sponsors for Congressional bill HR 530 in support of Chinese human rights, and the US House has just passed the bill with an overwhelming majority of 402-2.


This resolution itself demonstrated a widespread concern for the Chinese human rights condition.  Of course we have more to do, including seeing that a resolution about the Chinese human rights condition is presented at the upcoming 60th United Nations’ Human Rights Commission, and more…


We have much further to go, so I will stop short here and keep some “thank you” contents for your future support.


-- Wei Jingsheng

March 4, 2004

Washington, DC




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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A54-G17



Release Date: March 4, 2004



Topic: Wei Jingsheng Express Gratitude to Our Supporters














-- 黄慈萍























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