Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A56-G18



Release Date: March 28, 2004



Topic: Protest on the Detention of Family Members of June 4th Victims



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Today, members of the June 4 victim families, DING ZiLin, ZHANG XianLing, and HUANG Jinping, are detained, and their homes were searched.


Ding's husband, JIANG PeiKun, and Zhang's husband, WANG Fandi, have confirmed the news.


According to Mr. Wang Fandi, it was 9:45 AM today when the police came to his home and took away his wife immediately.  With an interrogation warrant and search warrant, they stayed there until about 11:30 AM and changed the interrogation warrant into a detention warrant.  (The head policemen's names were: TIAN Gang & ZHANG Li.)


Among the materials they took away there was a package of T-shirts that the family received that they had not yet opened.  The T-shirts contain the imprint of "TianAnMen Mothers' Movement".  The police opened it and

took the box away.


When they were asked what crime they have committed, the police answered: "suspicion of damaging the national security".


We are very concerned about this new round of suppression in China, of detentions and house arrests, happens right during the UN Human Rights Commission's 60th session.  We condemn Chinese government's vicious measures against any opposition, especially these peaceful victims and families of June 4, 1989.


The Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition has taken varies actions in response to this sad event.  Here, we include a statement by IFCSS, an organization which has provide tremendous support and help to the June 4 victims and families in nearly one and half decades.




                                                      March 28, 2004


IFCSS Statement on the Detention of Family Members of June 4th Victims


We are shocked to learn that Chinese police has detained three members of Tiananmen Mothers group, Mrs. Ding Ziling, Zhang Xianling and Huang Jinping. The reason given by the Chinese authorities was that their actions posed threat to "national security." Yet our information indicated the three were only peacefully exercise their rights to remember those who were killed in the Tiananmen massacre 15 years ago.


IFCSS strongly condemn this new round of suppression on the family members of June 4th victims by the Chinese government. We demand that Mrs. Ding Ziling, Zhang Xianling and Huang Jinping to be released immediately, and that the Chinese authorities respect and protect freedom and the legal rights of the family members of June 4th victims.


In the spring of 1989, Chinese students gathered at Tiananmen Square to demand freedom and end of government corruptions. On the night of June 3-4, 1989, Chinese army entered the city of Beijing to crack down the pro-democracy demonstrations. Hundreds of unarmed civilians were killed and thousands more injured. The Tiananmen Mothers is a network mainly comprised of those Chinese mothers who lost their sons, husbands or other loved ones in and around Tiananmen Square during the massacre. This group of courageous ladies led by Mrs. Ding Zilin has campaigned persistently to document human rights violations, to help the vulnerable and the forgotten, and to seek redress and accountability.


IFCSS pledged that we shall never forget those Chinese students and citizens who fell on that bloody night for a better China, and we have been working for 15 years to keep our promise. We reiterate our long-time strong support for The Tiananmen Mothers. IFCSS appeal to people around the world to support The Tiananmen Mothers' demand:


1. that China's legislative body, the People's Congress of China, form a special commission to conduct a fair investigation of the massacre;

2. that Chinese government offer compensation to the families of those killed and injured;

3. that the Chinese authorities seek legal responsibility of those who initiated the massacre and ordered the killings.  


We believe that Chinese government needs to resolve the issue of June 4th tragedy before it can become a respected member of civilized international community.


Contact: Zheng XING, president of IFCSS  1-510-759-2377





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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A56-G18



Release Date: March 28, 2004



Topic: Protest on the Detention of Family Members of June 4th Victims





































全美中国学生学者自治联合会誓言,我们将永远不会忘记那些为了中国的美好未来,而献出了自己鲜血和生命的学生和公民。十五年来,我们信守承诺并为此继续奋斗。 我们一直坚持不懈地支持天安门母亲运动,并呼吁北美和全世界的正义良知之士,大家共同支持天安门母亲运动的正当求诉:


1 中国的立法机构,全国人民代表大会,立即成立特别委员会,公正调查六四血案。


2. 中国政府对于六四血案中罹难和伤残者,进行国家赔偿。


3. 中国当局应追究六四血案的主谋和骨干分子的法律责任。




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