Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A72-W22



Release Date: June 6, 2004



Topic: Do not Cover Children's Eyes -- Wei Jingsheng Radio Free Asia Commentary on 6.4 (1 of 3)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)





Do not Cover Children's Eyes

-- Wei Jingsheng Radio Free Asia Commentary on 6.4 (1 of 3)



Dear listeners:


It's been 15 long years since the brutal massacre at the Tiananmen Square in Beijing. To those who were there, Chinese or foreigners who experienced the horrors, the memories are indelible. The memories are as fresh as if it happened yesterday. For many people younger than 30 years, it has been an unknown, remote occurrence.


The ignorance is due to the Chinese educational philosophy:

1.     Parents orient the children to focus on mathematics and science while shielding them from anything else.

2.     Government purposefully suppresses the historical facts of the Massacre.


The impression of these children is that "many soldiers were killed or injured by mobs". I encountered many such misinformed youth while speaking in universities in Europe and America. Once a young girl expressed such lies in a large audience, getting a lot of angry stares from both a small group of Chinese and many non-Chinese alike.


I asked her: "The soldiers entering Beijing had machine guns and tanks while the citizens and students, who were about your age, were unarmed. How could they kill the soldiers?"


She replied: "I don't know. I just saw it on TV and was told by my teachers.'


We must admit that the intellectuals definitely greatly help the butcher Chinese government to stabilize the situation after the Massacre. The government has been able to establish a dictatorship with the help of the political, economic and cultural elites.  That is why the Chinese government has evolved from its original dictatorship that was controlled by an ideology elite back into the classical Chinese dictatorship that includes these three types of elites in the ruling class -- by the approach of "three representatives".


Subsequently the young girl asked a series of questions, showing her ignorance of our own history that elicited laughter from the whole audience while a wave of sadness overcame me.


The students and citizens used gas cans and bricks against the well-armed troops. What they wanted was a free and dignified life and future. For that they were being murdered, injured, persecuted, imprisoned or exiled. Many exiles are struggling to survive. Under the most difficult circumstances, many constantly remember their suffering parents, friends and compatriots, struggling to bring a democratic future for China. They dedicate any spare time and energy to that goal. Now the future generations they gave their lives for have no idea of their sacrifices. It is extremely sad and discouraging.


Parents work hard to provide their children a bright future and shield them from stress of their young and fragile psyches. While the child has no knowledge and fear of the wolf, he/she risks being killed by the wolf. That would be a tragedy for both generations. Currently the wolf is still alive and more brutal. How should parents teach their children?


Professors Ding Zilin and Jiang Peikun's 18-year old son was one of those murdered in the Massacre. They are the leaders of the "TianAnMen Mothers", a group of bereaved whose loved ones were also murdered. 


The professors Ding and Jiang told me that they tried to shield their son from the unpleasant realities of life, fearing that would harm his innocence.

They tried their best to protect him - body and soul. Shielding a child's sense of righteousness and brave nature got exactly the opposite. Children must be taught the true nature of the brutality of wolves. The whole family must fight together to eliminate the wolves that eat children. That's the only way to create a safe environment for children.


Parents must carefully deliberate how to teach children to face the reality of life.



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A72-W22



Release Date: June 6, 2004



Topic: Do not Cover Children's Eyes -- Wei Jingsheng Radio Free Asia Commentary on 6.4 (1 of 3)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)





不要蒙蔽孩子们的眼睛 RFA广播稿 2004/5/25

-- 魏京生就六四15周年在自由亚洲电台的评论之一



























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