Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A100-W41



Release Date: December 31, 2004



Topic: Year 2005 Greetings and a Friend's Letter to Wei Jingsheng



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)





Dear friends and readers,


Happy New Year to you all!  Thank you very much for your support in the past year, as well as your holiday greetings and best wishes, either by phone call, by e-mail, or by card.  We appreciate them.  At this time, we thank you all, although not specifically and individually.  Personally, I also want to thank those of you who have submitted your articles for our website and newsletter that comes to its 100th issue now.  In particular, I want to thank those who have patiently helped me to correct my English for our various publications, especially the newsletters.  They are: Prof. Lawrence Anderson-Huang, Mr. Dick Kleeman, Mr. Robert T. Huang, and Mrs. Louise Bankey. 


Although the Wei Jingsheng Foundation has made great progress in the year 2004, it would not have been possible without a lot of support and help from people who are both Chinese and non-Chinese, and who are both inside and outside China.  We want to especially take this occasion to salute the people inside China who lost their freedom at this time for the sake of the others. These longtime democracy advocators include Mr. LIU Jingsheng, Mr. HU Shigen, Mr. LIU XianBin, Mr. WANG JinBo, Mr. CHEN Xi, and the recently detained Mr. YANG TianShui, Mr. SHI Tao, and Mr. Wang RongQing.  Newly released, Mr. Liu Jingsheng is a long-term democracy advocator since the Democracy Wall era and spent over a decade in jails for his activities.  Both are still in jails, Mr. Wang JinBo and Mr. Chen Xi was nominated by friends inside China for the foundation's 1st annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Award".  Unfortunately, due to the blockage partially built by the Chinese government, they did not come to our knowledge in time and were failed to be listed in our previous newsletters.  Mr. Hu ShiGen and Mr. Liu XianBin are the winners of the 1st annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Award" for year 2004.


Because of the supporters from inside China and outside China, our effort on Chinese laborer's conditions and advocating for Chinese workers' rights and promoting workers' unions also was productive.  In a Google search of "Chinese labor unions", we are listed as the first entry of over 237,000 entries.  In a Google search of "Chinese labor", we are the 3rd out of over 3.33 million entries.  Hereby, we want to acknowledge our gratitude to our friends inside China who keep us updated in a timely manner, such as Mr. Liu in the northeast part of China and Mr. Huang in the southwest part of China.


Here, we share with you a New Year greeting letter Mr. Wei Jingsheng received, as a token of thanks to so many of our supporters, including those who provided financial help.  The Wei Jingsheng Foundation is grateful for receiving a gift of extra copies of Mr. Wei's "Courage to Stand Alone - letters from the prisons" (Chinese version).  For those donors in 2004 who also read Chinese, The Foundation has made sure each of you got at lease one copy of his signed book (in Chinese).  In case we have missed anyone and for the donors who would like a copy even though you do not read Chinese, please contact us so we could send you a signed copy as well.


Again, thank you and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!


-- Ciping Huang




Letter to Wei Jingsheng:


December 17, 2004


Old Wei,


I was talking to Ciping a few days ago and asked about you.  Well, without asking, I could picture how busy you are without enough thoughts for yourself.  You must still smoke, and still enjoy good wines...  She mentioned that you were sending money to help others from your almost empty personal bank account and was worried that you could ruin your own credit history by doing that...


I just sighed: "It is almost the holiday season now, if I were to send you some money, you will forward it to the others.  There are too many poor people needing help in this world."


Like all the others who know you, I am not worried about your mental health because your capacity for optimism under a difficult time.  However, I really wish you could use this spirit to influence people around you.  Do not think it is OK for them if they care and participate in the democracy movement.  If you do not really walk into someone's life, you might not see the depressive side.  I read a new book called "Fault Line" which describes the self-destruction of a Harvard talent.  This person ended up as a naked corpse on a field at the end.  When he was alive, he was such a workaholic and devoted.  He was an excellent teacher, a responsible editor, a moderate colleague, yet no one really knew what was in his mind...


I kind of sense that some democracy advocators outside China have lost the flame of their lives.  The difficulty in a foreign land is like the water being poured over that tiny flame - they lose their previous dedication and show no more enthusiasm for the new world and new development.  They could be really depressed due to some uneasiness...


You must agree with me that the overall attitude to life reflects one's character and quality.  A strong person like Mr. HU Shigen, would hold his constant love of life.  And that is why that, despite being in a jail which could not lead to a tomorrow, he would try to study computers and invent new Chinese character inputs.  The quality of the Chinese democracy team is the sum of the quality of every individual within.  However, sometimes, this depression could happen without your knowledge and become lethal to all (both to the individual and the whole movement).  Like people getting pulled by gravity, it is easy to be depressed, especially being pushed by the giant wheel of "aging".  So I suggest you to expand your "circle of work" more into a "circle of lives", during all your meetings and chats with them.  A tiny spot reflects the leopard; maybe you could give some people some timely encouragement.


I am stopping here.  I am sending you a holiday card and wish your life next year will be easier.





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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A100-W41



Release Date: December 31, 2004



Topic: Year 2005 Greetings and a Friend's Letter to Wei Jingsheng



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)

















-- 黄慈萍 顿首













至于你的精神状态,知道你的人都不担心。你有一种“困难日子乐呵呵过”的本事。不过,很希望你用这种精神感染你周围的人。不能说你周围的人只要关心、参加民运,就“没有问题”了。如果你不真正走进一个人的生活中去,你可能看不到相当消沉的一面。我最近看了一本新书《Fault Line》,全书讲述了一个哈佛才子自我消亡(self-destructive)的故事。这人后来成了荒野上的裸尸。但是他生前历来工作十分认真,甚至近乎狂热。他是个优秀的老师、负责的编辑、温和的同事,只是没有人知道他心里究竟想些什么。



















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