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Release Date: December 18, 2004



Topic: About the Two Heroes who Won the 1st Annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" (by Wei Jingsheng)

标题:胡石根和刘贤斌:两名得奖的英雄 (魏京生)


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)





About the Two Heroes who won the 1st Annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" (by Wei Jingsheng)



On December 5 of this year, the Non-governmental organization "Wei Jingsheng Foundation" registered in the USA announced the winners of its 1st "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" with a $5,000 award.  The purpose of the award is to encourage those people who have make sacrifice as well as outstanding contribution for the progress of Chinese democracy and human rights.  The 1st awardees are Mr. HU Shigen and Mr. LIU Xianbin; both are still in jail.


Mr. Hu Shigen came from JiangXi.  Born in the countryside, he later attended the Chinese Language Department of Beijing University.  He taught in Beijing University at the beginning of the 1980's right after his graduation, and later become a lecturer at the Beijing Language Institute.  After the massacre in 1989, the whole country was under severe suppression, covered with extreme political darkness, in a stinky bloody environment.  Many people returned into hiding for self-protection, and the once hot blood flashing Beijing streets became cold and quiet.  Yet, with such frigid winter-like surroundings, the were some brave young men quietly working underground for the coming of the spring.  Mr. Hu Shigen was one of the most outstanding ones.  Together with his comrades, they summarized the lessons from the 1989 democracy movement as:


1) There was no opposition party or opposition organization to form an effective way of opposing and restricting the boundless functioning of the dictatorial government;

2) There were no well-defined principles or slogans to provide a clear direction and goals for the participants of the 1989 democracy movement;

3) The leaders of the movement lagged behind the political development, even behind the average citizens.  As the democracy movement developed out of its original anti-corruption envelope into a clear intention of being against the Communist one-party dictatorship, some leaders retreated and even gave up their leadership responsibilities.  Some stalled at their starting point, and even sent the anti-Mao Zedong heroes such as Mr. Yu Dongyue to the Public Security Bureau (which resulted their long sentences even severe torture).


Due to these painful lessons, Hu Shigen etc. thought that the primary reason of the failure of the 1989 democracy movement was due to the lack of opposition party/organizations.  In 1991, associated with Mr. Liu Jingsheng and Mr. Wang Guoqi, etc., they secretly established the first opposition party in China: the "Chinese Freedom and Democracy Party".  Under the principle of "ending one party dictatorship and protecting people's rights", the organization developed rapidly with more members joining the party.  Afterwards, associated with Kang Yuchun, etc. they established supporting organizations such as "Alliance for China Progress", and "the Preparation Committee of the Free Workers' Union of China" in an effort to protect human rights and workers' rights.  Shortly after, their plan of using model helicopters to distribute fliers over TianAnMen Squares in memory of the June 4 massacre was betrayed by traitors.  Liu Jingsheng, Kang Yuchun and Hu Shigen were arrested together, and each was sentenced for more than a decade.  Because of the leadership and solid stand of Hu Shigen, he was punished most severely with a 20-year sentence.  In comparison with the typical 2- to 3-year sentences of the students during that period, one could easily tell what the Chinese Communists felt about its real threats.  The Chinese Communist Party was very wise to realize the real threat comes from people like Hu Shigen, etc. because their belief and effort of establishing an opposition party shall ultimately change the fundamental structure of the one-party dictatorship.  However, this belief and effort is also the greatness and the wisdom of those people represented by Hu Shigen, which is also the reason that the Wei Jingsheng Foundation decided to give the prize and to let the world to know their lives.


Remember the old Chinese saying: "The heroes share the common beliefs."  After the effort of organizing an opposition party by Hu Shigen and Liu Jingsheng, etc., many of the outstanding dissidents in China came to recognize the importance of organizing such a party.  The currents of such an effort were running through each province, and thus produced a group of outstanding leaders.  Mr. Liu Xianbin is the outstanding leader of the Sichuan Province, as well as taking an important role in pushing for an opposition party on the country scale.  During the relatively smooth period of 1998 both inside China and more internationally, our colleagues in many provinces including Zhejiang, Sichuan and Shanxi tried to openly register "the preparation Committee of the Chinese Democratic Party", which pushed the effort of organizing the opposition party into a grand and spectacular scale.  For a while, the Chinese Communist Party did not know how to react and what to do.


Unfortunately, later on, the infiltration of the Communist government and the premature advances of the very few gave the Communists the excuse for full-scale suppression and thus a great loss.  As many of our outstanding comrades were put into danger, many activists retreated for self-protection or even surrendered themselves to the government and betrayed their original goals.  It was under this type of difficulty, Mr. Liu Xianbin came forward and picked up the heavy burden of taking charge of the Southwestern provinces.  Without a step backwards he publicly fought with the police and special agents, and thus was treated as the number one enemy of the government.  After more than a half year of organizing the opposition party, within one month of his arrest Liu was sentenced for 13 years.  As of today, those people with their extreme left masks who had made premature advances are already released.  The real democracy advocates like Liu Xianbin, who would not betray their original goals and principles, are still suffering in jails.  We must consider the reasons.


The modern Chinese democracy movement started from the 1978-1979 Democracy Wall movement and progressed into the view that clearly defines the need to end the one-party dictatorship, instead of pushing for democratic reform within the Communist party.  It was from that period of time that people like Hu Shigen and Liu Jingsheng started their progressive career.  The 1980's democracy tide produced even more outstanding people.  These outstanding people of the 1970's and 1980's, together with those of 1990's, are all working for the realization of  Chinese democracy.  And all have come to this realization that establishing an opposition party as the essential prerequisite of a democratic system.  This realization reflects how our new Chinese are full of livelihood and developing rapidly, but also indicates that the Chinese society is maturing rapidly, with clear knowledge of what we need and how to get it.  This direction is the hope of our Chinese over all.


The Chinese government claims that the Chinese people and the Chinese society are not mature enough to enjoy democracy.  However, let us focus on heroes like Hu Shigen and Liu Xianbin, let us pay attention to the thousands and thousands of average Chinese who are quietly contributing to a democratic China.  Then we will know that the Chinese government's "China is a special case" is simply a lie, and we will know that indeed it is not far away for us to reach the goal of Chinese democracy and freedom.



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A96-W39



Release Date: December 18, 2004



Topic: About the Two Heroes who won the 1st Annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" (by Wei Jingsheng)

标题:胡石根和刘贤斌:两名得奖的英雄 (魏京生)


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)





胡石根和刘贤斌:两名得奖的英雄 (魏京生)






1) 没有一个政党或反对派组织,就不能形成有效的反对派势力,不能起到制约政府的作用。

2) 没有明确的纲领和口号,使运动的参与者无所适从,运动本身停滞不前。

3) 运动的领导者明显落后于形势,也落后于群众。当运动发展到不仅仅是反腐败,已经明确反对中共一党专政的时候,某些领导者退缩了,放弃了领导责任;另一些则停留在原有的阶段不敢向前迈一步,甚至把反毛泽东的英雄俞东岳等人扭送到公安机关。























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