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Release Date: February 27, 2005



Topic: Protest Shanghai Police Took Away Human Rights Lawyer Mr. GUO GuoTing's Lawyer's License and Computer



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I was detained by the secret police from the Bureau of National Security in my hometown of Hefei, Anhui, in April 1998.  After several days of interrogation, it was clear that I was in trouble even though the main "problem" appeared to be my involvement in delivering humanitarian funds to the victims and families of the June 4 massacre in 1989.  I was the head of IFCSS (Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in USA), an organization that was established in 1989 and has been supportive to the June 4 victims and families all these years.


As I realized the worst nightmare could happen, my sister went all over this city of over 400,000 inhabitants to secure a lawyer for me.  She even talked to the most well known one who had the reputation of fairness and justice.  He was extremely sympathetic to what I was going through and quite supportive to us in private.  Nevertheless, he refused to take the case "for it surely will lose to the government in the end".


Since then, I have been paying close attention to the lawyers who come to defend the human rights defenders all over the world, in particular in China.  There are so few of them in China due to the tremendous suppression and harassment, not just to the victims but also to the human rights lawyers, who must be brave and willing to sacrifice for justice and fairness.  Of the lawyers I know, Mr. Guo GuoTing is one of the few most outstanding.


Thus, we were outraged to learn of the abuse of power by the Shanghai Police over the human rights lawyer, Mr. GUO GuoTing three days ago.  Just like the other human rights lawyers we know, Mr. Guo has the reputation of selflessly defending the rights of political dissidents and religious believers, as well as average citizens who might be poor and powerless.  Not only do they voluntarily work for the repressed and miserable, often without pay, but also commonly they take a financial loss for themselves.  In addition to the economical loss, they have to take the burden of political risks when they defend against persecutors and judges who are taking on the orders of a dictatorship.


In the past few years Mr. Guo has been defending many dissidents such as Qing Shui Jun (i.e. Mr. HUANG JinQiu), Mr. SHI Tao, Mr. YANG TianShui and Mr. ZHANG Lin, as well as Shanghainese citizens who were forced to be re-located without adequate compensation.  He has written articles criticizing the dictatorial regime and corruption, and advocating democracy and freedom.  Because he was able to accurately pin down the abuse of power by the police through a legal perspective, he was resented by the Chinese government.


We have received messages from China protesting Chinese government's ignoring of the legal system and its ruthless effort of revenge on our lawyers of conscience, including some from those who have benefited from Mr. Guo's defense such as Mr. YANG TianShui.  Hereby, we demand the Chinese government to respect the human rights of everyone by stopping this type of abusive pattern.  We are also calling on the international society, especially human rights lawyers' organizations, to pay close attention to this case - if the human rights of the human rights lawyers come under attack, what could be worse for the human rights defenders?


The following is a report by DaJiYuan on Lawyer Guo GuoTing.  For more information of the case, please read our Chinese version.  Pictures of Lawyer Guo GuoTing (on the left side) and Lawyer Gao (on the right) are available at: http://weijingsheng.org/pic/newsletters/newsletters2005/newsletters2005-1/GuoGT0502GZC.JPG



-- Ciping Huang

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Shanghai Government Takes Away Lawyer GUO GuoTing's Lawyer's License and Computer



The Chinese human rights lawyer GUO GuoTing has just lost his license and computer to the Shanghai Department of Jurisdiction.  Mr. Guo works for TianYi Lawyers' Association and has taken many cases in defending political dissidents and FaLunGong practitioners.  The people close to the case informed that the Shanghai City administration grabbed Mr. Guo's computer, probably in an effort to collect "criminal evidence".  In the morning of February 23, more than a dozen people from the Shanghai Bureau of Jurisdiction broke into Lawyer Guo's office.  In the name of needing to copy his lawyer's license number, they took away his license and grabbed his computer with them.


Mr. Guo is among the very few lawyers inside Mainland China who dare to give their helping hands to defend dissidents and suppressed groups.  In recent years, he has accepted cases to defend Qing Shui Jun, YANG TianShui, SHI Tao, ZHANG Lin, etc.  He undertook even more pressure in accepting cases representing the families of the FaLunGong practitioners QU YanLai, CHEN GuangHui, LEI JiangTao, etc.


Not long ago, another lawyer who dared to act on behalf of the FaLunGong practitioners was threatened as well.  Lawyer GAO ZhiCheng was summoned many times by the authorities and was told not to take cases from FaLunGong practitioners.


The people who are close to this case think that the action from the Shanghai Bureau of Jurisdiction could be due to Lawyer Guo's defense of the FaLunGong practitioners.  Last month in January 2005, after the Shanghai TiLan Prison refused Lawyer Guo 4 times to meet the FaLunGong practitioner Qu YanLai who has been on hunger strike for 780 days, Lawyer Guo published his article "There is No Any Use of a Chinese Lawyer" on the Internet.  In his article, he condemned some judges and police who did not care about human rights or law in their treatment of the FaLunGong practitioners.


Before the Chinese New Year, Lawyer GUO also mailed his application to the Chinese Minister of Jurisdiction in seeking medical parole for FaLunGong practitioner CHEN GuangHui.  In July 2004, Chen was persecuted in SuZhou jail to a degree of near vegetation.  He is still in a deep coma.  Lawyer Guo is also working on the case of FaLunGong practitioner HUANG Xiong who has disappeared in Shanghai for nearly two years now.


Lawyer Guo's persecution could also be due to his effort to defend the democracy advocate ZHANG Lin of Anhui province.  The good friend of Zhang, Mr. YANG TianShui, has already written an article calling for the people's attention to these lawyers of conscience in China, and to protest the Shanghai police's illegal behavior.



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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A114-O24



Release Date: February 27, 2005



Topic: Protest Shanghai Police Took Away Human Rights Lawyer Mr. GUO GuoTing's Lawyer's License and Computer



Original Language Version: Chinese(Chinese version at the end)














-- 黄慈萍

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【大纪元226日讯】(大纪元记者辛菲采访报导) 近日,受理多宗异议人士和法轮功学员案子的中国维权律师郭国汀、高智晟等接连受到当局打压和恐吓,引起海内外人士和国际舆论的强烈关注,大纪元记者辛菲北京时间25日采访了中国大陆的原检察官沈良庆先生、前胡耀邦秘书林牧先生、郑恩宠律师太太蒋美丽女士、自由作家杨天水先生。






























































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