Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A108-O21



Release Date: February 6, 2005



Topic: Urgent Attention: Mr. Zhang Lin is in Great Danger (by Yang TianShui)

标题:张林处于危险之中 -- 杨天水


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Editor’s note:


Recently, the Chinese government has stepped up their suppression and harassment against the dissident community inside China, especially since the death of the former leader, Zhao ZiYang.  Scores of dissidents were put under house arrest, detained, and even physically harmed.


As we have been receiving various timely reports about these affairs, we know our ability is limited unless a larger community for human rights pitches in and works together.  Hereby, we publish one of the newest reports to express concern and outrage about what the Chinese government has done to its own people.


Mr. YANG TianShui, the author of the following report, was just released recently, after his case received a lot of attention internationally.  We put out a news release in December 2004 calling for his release, including a signature drive, in which hundreds of people participated.  We want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who lent your support, although we are unable to acknowledge our appreciation one by one.


Mr. Yang just informed us that another dissident in China, Mr. Zhang Lin, is in great danger, and his home was searched today after his detention.  Mr.

Zhang once worked for Mr. WEI Jingsheng in the USA before his return to China.  Upon learning what had happened, we are very concerned for the well being of he and his family.


The following is a brief English translation of Mr. Yang's description on Mr. Zhang and his family condition.  Please pay attention and help when you can.


-- Ciping Huang

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Zhang Lin is in Danger – by Yang TianShui



Just a while ago, that is after 9am on February 6, 2005, over a dozen police from BengBu City of Anhui Province broke into Mr. ZHANG Lin's home.  These police turned the house upside down with a harsh attitude.  They took away the computer that Mr. Zhang borrowed from friends, calling it a "hostile computer".  They even threatened Mrs. Zhang with words as "if you continue to say and to write nonsense, we will not treat you kindly".  This Mr. Zhang is the current freelance writer who stayed in jail for 8 years for his democracy and freedom beliefs.  He uses his writings to call for social justice and to expose social vices.  He graduated from QingHua University and has given up his nuclear physics major long ago to take up his road against dictatorial corruption.


On the phone, I heard the sobbing of Mrs. Zhang, and the crying of their child Annie.  I was going to write some articles on my laptop, a second-hand Dell that has been my best pal.  Although after it was returned back from the police, it has been behaving funny in ways that I cannot pin down if there is any hardware or software addition.  It is still my closest companion, to help me call for justice and against evil.


However, I could not be calmed after I heard the sobbing and crying, which cut through my heart.  There was as much sobbing and crying that my ex-wife and child had, and even much more from the wives and children of the political dissidents and religious believers who suffered through the cruelty of political persecution.  This type of sobbing and crying is covering over the land of China.


The political weather is getting colder here.  Those true patriots who seek justice have been arrested, sentenced, put into education-through-labor camps, detentions, are under house arrest, and strictly controlled.  Mr. Zhang Lin could not afford to buy a computer.  When he has any money, he used it for his friends.  All levels of Chinese government officials are so corrupted that they could build houses for themselves and to take care of their concubines, yet the police will not do much about it.  Yet, the computer Zhang Lin borrowed has been so important as to be classified as a "hostile computer".


We consider there are two reasons for this action from the police.  The first is that they are executing the top officials' directive of "needing to learn from Cuba and North Korea", an indication that the beginning of a cold political winter has started.  The other is the BangBu police's resentment to Zhang Lin for his exposing the darkness of the society he is living in, the suffering of the poor and the condemnation of the dictatorship, in particular in the last two years, especially since last November.


Did Mrs. Zhang say any "nonsense"?  Not at all.  I have read through all their writings carefully.  These are the true records of events, urgent appeals from the family, and the voice of the conscience.


Probably, the police have already designed a plot to take away Mr. Zhang's freedom completely by putting him in jail.  All those who agree that China should have freedom and democracy, should appeal loudly for him, as well as all the others who will lose their freedom.  To care about the others' freedom is to care of you own freedom, for Zhang Lin's today could be your tomorrow.


Recently, a lot of things have displayed the tendency toward a harsher political winter.  I have been warned by the Nanjing Police that "you go back to your hometown for the Chinese New Year now and we will pick you up if you want to come back".  Then SiYang's police brought me back to this hometown of mine.  Is this a noble reception?  No.  It is just a way of police escort.


Recently, I have also received a lot of warnings from the police to not let my friends come to visit me.  A plain clothed police wandered around my residence for the whole morning the day before yesterday to check on me through my niece and nephew.  Such a kind of delivering of “caring” at this double chilled days!


The police advised me to "have a good Chinese New Year".  Nevertheless, for truth and justice, all of our friends have sacrificed our youth, and our safe days as normal persons.  We have even lost the freedom the animals in the woods have, and are under house arrest, detention, surveillance and arrest, and thrown into cold jail cells.  As everywhere there is the sobbing and crying of these terrified wives and children of the ones suppressed, how could I "have a good Chinese New Year"?  As we the Chinese have fallen into the more severe political winter, how would I "have a good Chinese New Year"?


All the friends who care about the renaissance of China, please care for Zhang Lin and all the suppressed dissidents.


-- Yang TianShui

In my home town of SiYang, of Northern JiangSu Province



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A108-O21



Release Date: February 6, 2005



Topic: Urgent Attention: Mr. Zhang Lin is in Great Danger (by Yang TianShui)

标题:张林处于危险之中 -- 杨天水


Original Language Version: English(Editorial)/Chinese(original text)

(Chinese version at the end)



























近来,我受到这里警方的不断告诫: “不要让你外地的朋友,来这里看你。”前天上午,一个自称是警察的便衣,在我住地门口的巷子里,徘徊了一个上午,问了我的外甥女和外甥:“你们的舅舅在哪里过年? ”象赵紫阳那样有功有德的人物,他们不去多加关心,却对我这样的和张林那台电脑一样的“敌对”物,给予如此多的无微不至的“关爱”,在这样自然和政治双重严寒的时季,我如何不受到“感动”呢?



















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