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Release Date: March 5, 2005



Topic: Wei Jingsheng Speaks at the Seminar Session in Paris, France



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Wei Jingsheng Speaks at the Seminar Session in Paris, France



On February 20, 2005, the Epoch Times held its 3rd seminar of "the 9 Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party" in Paris, featuring the chairman of the Overseas Democracy Coalition Mr. WEI Jingsheng and the Student Security Chief in charge of Tiananmen Square during the 1989 Democracy Movement, Mr. ZHANG Jian.  The seminar was hold in discussion format.  Mr. Wei Jingsheng had just finished his visits to Norway and Denmark, en route back to the United States.


During the session, Mr. Wei said that the significance for "the 9 commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party" is to help more Chinese to see the true nature of Chinese Communism.  Chinese people are kind, he said.  They had their hopes for Chinese Communism and wished it would change for the better, but the reality has made more and more people disappointed to such a degree that they have totally lost faith in it.  Once the Chinese people wished the Communists would be reasonable, but the Communist government used tanks to kill ordinary citizens.  Now the people see no need for reasoning with the Communist government anymore.  Wei called for all suppressed and exploited Chinese to unite together, and not to believe the Communists' methods of distortion and wrongful accusation of others.  "We will win eventually, and the Chinese Communist Party is very afraid of that."


Mr. Zhang Jian also presented a speech.  He pointed out that it is our duty to communicate to the whole world, and to expose the suppression by the Chinese Communists.  We must take the pressure and against all the obstacles to lead, and to tell the truth.


Several audience members including Mr. Jiang, Mr. Zhen, and a FaLunGong practitioner also presented their encouragement and reasoning during the discussion.  Overseas Chinese students, democracy advocators, as well as overseas Chinese from Southeast Asia, also enthusiastically participated.  The session lasted for more than three hours.



Photo link of the seminar speakers Mr. Wei Jingsheng and Mr. Zhang Jian: http://weijingsheng.org/pic/newsletters/newsletters2005/newsletters2005-1/Paris050220WJS-ZJ.jpg



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A115-W52



Release Date: March 5, 2005



Topic: Wei Jingsheng Speaks at the Seminar Session in Paris, France































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