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Release Date: September 24, 2005



Topic: Event Announcement -- Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Victory in the Anti-Fascist World War



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Event Announcement:

Setting History Straight and Facing Reality

-- Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Victory in the Anti-Fascist World War by Chinese Scholars of Chicago



This year is the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Anti-Fascist World War, and Chinese scholars in Chicago will hold a commemorative forum on September 24 entitled "Setting History Straight and Facing Reality", to be held at the University of Chicago.  Mr. Wei Jingsheng, Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, is invited to give speech on the subject.  Other speakers include Mr. Xin Haonian, Chief Editor of the Huang Hua Gang magazine, and Mr. Song Yongyi, scholar of Chinese Cultural Revolution history. A documentary film related to the discussion will also be shown at the event. Musicians from the East-West musical group will also use music to express their respects to the heroes who fought against the Japanese in World War II.


One front in the anti-Fascist World War, the Sino-Japanese war ended not so long ago. But the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has wantonly distorted this living history to the point that it is unrecognizable. Since the 1980's Chinese scholars have been seriously rethinking the serious issue of "who really did fight the War of Resistance against Japan?" At a time when Chinese around the world are commemorating the 60th anniversary of their victory in the War of Resistance, the Chinese Scholars of Chicago are putting on this commemorative forum with the main theme of rediscovering the true history of the war so as to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring.


Although victory in World War II put the fascism practiced by Germany, Japan, and Italy on the trial of history, it also gave Communism many opportunities to exploit. Therefore we can say that free democratic countries around the world won a partial victory against fascism in World War II but not a final victory. At the same time that it was resisting invasion from Germany, the Soviet Union carried out an even more brutal fascist suppression against its own people and the people of Eastern Europe and expanded its borders in a ruthless fashion. The Chinese Communist Party also took advantage of Japan invading China to grow stronger. As millions of Republic of China soldiers and hundreds of Nationalist generals were dying on the battlefield against Japan, the Communists expanded their army from tens of thousands strong to over one million. Furthermore, after the war ended the Communist army took advantage of a Nationalist army depleted by war and staged an armed rebellion to topple the first republic in Asia.


Through its autocratic rule the CCP has initiated political persecution campaigns such as "land reform", "suppressing counterrevolutionaries", "three oppositions and five oppositions", "anti-rightist campaign", the "Great Leap Forward", the "Cultural Revolution", the July 4th Massacre and the current persecution of Falun Gong as well as the persecution of House Christians and peaceful appellants; through these campaigns at least 70 million people have died. In addition, the CCP exports its revolutionary methods to countries on its periphery, such as directly supporting Cambodia's Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot, who killed at least one quarter of Cambodia's population.


The long-term Cold War that the U.S. and the Soviet Union started was actually just an extension of the anti-fascist war. Over an over-40-year-long period the Soviet Union received a constant lashing from the spreading waves of world democracy and eventually collapsed. Yet the CCP has been able to maintain its power until today through suppression and lies. Facing intensifying pressure from social conflicts and an uncontrollable population, problems partially due to the loss of natural resources and serious governing crises, the CCP is using the 1.3 billion Chinese people as hostages for its game of nuclear blackmail. State terrorism has become the biggest new threat that people of the world are facing today. If we don't come to realize this point, the tragedy that occurred 60 years ago will happen again. From this perspective, the world anti-fascist struggle must continue.


We hope that all Chinese both in China and abroad that deeply love China and their countrymen will, in commemorating the martyrs cruelly killed by the imperialist Japanese regime, will not forget those lives taken away by the Chinese Communist dictatorship. Only through rethinking history and clearly seeing reality, and only with a China that has ended totalitarianism and is walking the path to democracy can the Chinese people be truly proud and be able to make a precious contribution towards world peace.



Time: Saturday, September 24, 2:30 PM

Location: University of Chicago International House, 1414 E. 59th

Street, Chicago

Detail Contact: 630-677-3649




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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A153-O43



Release Date: September 24, 2005



Topic: Event Announcement -- Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Victory in the Anti-Fascist World War

标题:“澄清历史──面对现实”-- 世界反法西斯战争胜利六十周年纪念通知


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)




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-- 世界反法西斯战争胜利六十周年纪念




  今年是世界反法西斯战争胜利六十周年﹐芝加哥大陆学人将于九月二十四日在芝加哥大学举办一场题为“澄清历史﹐面对现实”的纪念会。纪念会的主讲人有:“黄花岗”杂志主编辛灏年先生,“文革”史研究学者宋永毅先生, 中国民主运动海外联席会议主席魏京生先生。会议还将放映有关文献记录影片。东西方音乐艺术团的艺术家也将用音乐表达对抗日英雄的敬意。


  作为世界反法西斯战争的一部份﹐中国的抗日战争并非遥远的过去。但这一活着的历史却被中共肆意篡改﹐早已面目全非。自上世纪八十年代以来﹐中国大陆的学者开始对“抗战究竟是谁打的”这一重大历史问题进行了严肃的反思。在世界各地华人纷纷纪念抗战胜利六十周年之际﹐芝加哥大陆学人举办的这场纪念会将立足于“还历史真相﹐防悲剧重演” 的主题。


  第二次世界大战的胜利虽然使人民把德﹑日﹑意法西斯主义者送上了历史的审判台﹐但同时却给了共产主义以可乘之机。 因此可以说﹐自由民主世界在二战中只取得了反法西斯战争的阶段性胜利﹐并非最后胜利。苏共在抗德的同时对国内与东欧人民实行了更加残暴的法西斯镇压与对外的野蛮扩张。而中国共产党则趁日本帝国主义入侵之机发展壮大﹐在几百万中华民国军队与数百名国民党将军战死疆场的同时从几万军队扩张至百万之众﹐并在抗战胜利后的几年之内就吞噬了因抗击日寇而经受了重大消耗的中华民国政府﹐武装颠覆了亚洲的第一个共和国。


  在中共专制统治下的中国, 从“土改”﹐“镇反”, “三反五反”,“反右”,“大跃进”﹐“文革”﹐“六四”到目前仍在进行的“镇压法轮功”﹐以及迫害家庭教会和上访维权人士等, 至少有七千万人死于非命。此外中共还将革命手段输出周边国家﹐其直接支持的柬埔寨“红色高棉”波尔布特政权杀害了至少相当于全国人口四分之一的柬埔寨人民。






时间:9/ 24/05﹐Saturday, 2:30pm

地点:University of Chicago International House ﹐1414 E. 59th Street, Chicago









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