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Topic: Ciping HUANG's IFCSS Human Rights Committee Report and DING ZiLin's Letter to IFCSS' 12th Congress



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On Sept. 26, 2005, the 12th Congress of IFCSS (the Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholar of USA) was hold in Chicago, Illinois, USA.  Ciping HUANG was re-elected as a Council member, as well as Vice-President of IFCSS.  The following is her report to IFCSS 12th Congress as the chair for the Human Rights Committee during the IFCSS 11th term.

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IFCSS 11th Term (2003-2005)

Human Rights Committee Report


September 2005



As President XING Zheng has already give a good outline of what IFCSS has done on individual cases in the field of Chinese human rights and democracy during his president's report, I shall summarized what this committee has done in the last two years on a more general term as following. 


The human rights committee has been in actively involved with varies events and people in pursuing its goal of improving human rights condition in China, by the means of engaging with the human rights defenders inside of China, as well as the international society.


The unique position of the Committee chair, Ciping HUANG, whose active role and association with other human rights defenders and organizations enable IFCSS to maintain its long time image to be recognized as an organization which devoted to its principle of human rights in China since its funding date.  In particular, the Committee has been able to have its unique edge of being:


1) Association with many other human rights organizations on the world and being recognized on the international arena, as one of very few Chinese human rights and democracy organizations were able to reach out due to manpower, resources, capacity, and others.  This including the over one and half decade of IFCSS' effort and recognition in the US Congress, including the CECC (Congressional Executive Commission on China), as well as IFCSS' last a few years involvement in the other world stages, such as United Nations' Human Rights Commission in Geneva.  Hereby, the Committee wants to recognized IFCSS' financial support to these events, as well as many hours of volunteers work contributed by IFCSS members.


2) IFCSS has also being re-appearing to the people of China not just for June 4 related events, but also a wide range of other issues in association with human rights, through the news media, such as Radio Free Asia, Voice of America, etc., and of course the Internet as well.  That including a multiple formats, including TV talks shows, TV/radio interviews, short commentaries, and articles.  The subjects include issues related to women's rights, education, June 4 massacre, and current political events in China and the world stage.  In the Spring Festival of 2005, the Committee Chair was profiled in the pilot issue of the Radio Free Asia "Journey of the Souls" for its new series "The Endearment of the Overseas Chinese to their Homeland", which is also a tribute to IFCSS especially its human rights work.


3) In coalition with other IFCSS Committees and members, the Committee also in support of release of Chinese political prisoners, and writers and intellectuals who are suppressed by the Chinese Communist regime due to their independent thinking.  In particular, the Committee contributed its effort consistently each year for the June 4 candle light vigil in front of the Chinese embassy each year.


Hereby, the Committee wants to express gratitude to many members and veterans of IFCSS for their long-time, and some times pushing demands on a short notice, support for the work of this Committee including myself, as well as moral and spiritual support.  They includes but not limited to the following people: XING Zheng, LU WenHe, WANG Ping, LI Gang, CHEN XingYu, LIU JiJie, LAI AnZhi, HE BaoPing, YI DanXuan, ZHOU Jian.


The Committee will report other details and ready to answer your questions during the presentation of the 12th IFCSS Congress.


-- Ciping HUANG (signed)

Chair, Human Rights Committee. IFCSS

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DING ZiLin's Letter

To the 12th Congress of the Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the US


Dear friends:


On this occasion of the convening of the 12th Congress of the Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the US (IFCSS), please allow me to represent the "Tiananmen Mothers" community and other victims of the June 4 massacre in offering sincere congratulations to this Congress as well as to convey my personal greetings to all attendees.


Two years have passed since the last IFCSS Congress. In these two years, our "Tiananmen Mothers" community has passed through many hardships and over many bumps in the road. From the end of March 2004 to the beginning of April 2004, government authorities unreasonably detained three Tiananmen Mothers: Ding Zilin, Zhang Xianling, and Huang Jinping. On the 15th anniversary of the June 4th Massacre last year, over 40 of our fellow sufferers broke through layers upon layers of obstruction to successfully hold a candlelight vigil for the relatives of those who died on June 4th to mourn, but 11 families of victims were harassed or monitored by the Ministry of State Security afterwards. In January of this year former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Secretary-General Zhao Ziyang passed away without having the injustice done to him retracted. Many fellow sufferers bravely went to Zhao's home to offer their condolences, yet soon after over 10 fellow sufferers were tightly monitored and controlled, and Teacher Jiang and I were placed under house arrest. Of course, during the 16th anniversary of the June 4th Massacre this year, the authorities did not loosen their monitoring of us one bit. Since the Deng Xiaoping era through the Jiang Zemin era and again to the Hu Jintao era, and in these long 16 years, many of us victims' mothers have gone from having black hair to being gray-haired elderly women in the sunset of our lives. Still many other fellow sufferers, due to severe psychological and physical injuries, prematurely left the human world. Yet even though we are such a weak community of sufferers, from beginning to end we have been put on the CCP authorities' list of targets for suppression.


Even so, in these years we have received so much comfort and warmth from our friends both at home and abroad. We have a list of the names of these friends, a list with every page and every line of those who have selflessly provided aid to the community of June 4th massacre sufferers, these of you who have human consciences are concerned with humanitarianism and who undertake the cause of morality and justice. Here I particularly want to bring to your attention what all of you at IFCSS have done for us over the last ten-plus years. I think that in the years past, the number of donation receipts personally signed by those receiving aid for June 4th that I have passed on to you are quite impressive. Yet what we have received from you is not only these things. When we run into crises, at the first available moment you always give voice to our concerns; when we feel weak and without help, you always give us timely and sincere concern and encouragement. Speaking for myself, in the communications and contact I have had with you, I haven't felt heavy or have held doubts; even less have I had to take precautions for myself. I take these things to be more precious than anything.


Each time that you hold your congress, I always want to say a few words to you. This is not only to express my gratitude to you all, but more so to tell my friends of the feelings I have inside.


I wish the Congress a success.


-- Ding Zilin

Written on September 17, 2005 in the suburbs of Beijing

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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A159-M14



Release Date: October 16, 2005



Topic: Ciping HUANG's IFCSS Human Rights Committee Report and DING ZiLin's Letter to IFCSS' 12th Congress



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