US Ambassador to China Slams Beijing over Human Rights


美国驻北京大使雷德今天表示 ,尽管北京和华府的关系最近有改善趋势,他仍然要因为中国大陆人权纪 录不良而发言指责。   


美国驻华大使雷德表示,他会不断地向中国当局提出中国的令人忧虑 的人权记录问题。他对一个美国商业代表团表示,美国方面在下个月举行 的中美人权对话谈判上,将会要求实际的进展,而不仅仅是对话而已。   


雷德大使表示,中国如果想要成为受国际社会尊重的成员,就必须按 照国际惯例来行事。


他表示,在即将举行的中美人权对话会上,美国将提 出一些人权个案,包括要求释放中国的异见人士徐文立,天主教会的苏志,新疆女商人热比亚和在中国经商时未经审判被扣押在内蒙古的美 国永久居民王亚平。   


雷德还要求,下月十六日美国和中共在北京举行的人权会谈,一定要 谈出具体结果。   


雷德在北京告诉美国商会会员:「如果中国想成为国际间受人尊重, 而且负责任的成员,中国就必须遵守某些国际行为规范。」   


他说:「本人担任大使期间,一再提出良心犯和人道案件,其中有些 关乎中国司法制度下的牺牲者。没有任何其他单一案件更吸引本人注意。 」   


雷德提到,美国希望中共释放几名政治犯,包括因为成立「中国民主 党」而被判刑十三年的徐文立,一位因为涉嫌「泄露国家机密」而被判刑 八年的著名维吾尔女商人热比娅等。   


雷德呼吁中共释放一名一九八七年十月在河北省被捕後即不知所终的 天主教主教,一名未经指控即在内蒙遭拘禁近两年的华裔美国绿卡持有人 。   


雷德说,中共的司法制度往往欠缺适当程序,甚至往往无视於本身的 规定。他表示:「我们要求他们不只是讲讲而已。我们要求的是即将举行 的会谈要有具体结果。」   


他指出,一年来,中共国家主席江泽民和美国总统布什会晤了三次, 这是史无前例的。中共释放了几名良心犯。雷德还呼吁在中国大陆做生意 的美国公司运用他们的影响力促进人权和宗教自由。   


雷德说:「美国公司和他们在中国大陆的代表可以也应该当表率。美 国公司在这方面可以做出的重要贡献是透过良好的社会责任计划。」












BEIJING, Nov 25 (AFP) - US ambassador to China Clark Randt vowed Monday to bring China to task over its dismal human rights record, despite a recent warming trend between Beijing and Washington.

The US diplomat also demanded substantive results from a December 16 US-China dialogue on human rights in Beijing.

"If China wants to be accepted as both a respected and responsible member of the international community, then China must abide by certain internationally-accepted forms of behavior," Randt told members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing.

"During my tenure as ambassador I have continuously and persistently raised cases of prisoners of conscience as well as humanitarian cases involving victims of China's evolving legal system... No other single issue receives more of my personal attention."

Randt noted several Chinese political prisoners that Washington wanted released -- including Xu Wenli,
jailed for 13 years in 1998 for setting up the China Democracy Party, and Rebiya Kadeer, a Uighur
businesswomen jailed for eight years for leaking state secrets.

He also called for the release of Su Zhimin, a Catholic bishop who disappeared after being arrested in Hebei in October 1987, and businessman Liu Yaping, a US permanent resident who has been held without charges in Inner Mongolia for nearly two years.

China's legal system is "a system that is all too often marred with a lack of due process and a blatant
disregard for its own rules," Randt said. "We demand more than talk; we demand results," from the upcoming dialogue, he said.

``China's participation in the international coalition against terrorism is not the result of any devil's bargain,'' Randt said. ``Terrorism is not an excuse to persecute any particular ethnic or religious minority in China.''

Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy and Human Rights Lorne Craner was to lead the US delegation in the first such talks since October 2001.

Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, China has cooperated with the US-led
campaign against terrorism and has met a series of US demands with pledges to control the proliferation of
weapons of mass destruction, Randt acknowledged.

He also noted that in a year with an unprecedented three meetings between presidents George W. Bush and Jiang Zemin, China has also released several prisoners of conscience, including three prominent Tibetan religious figures.

The ambassador also urged that US companies doing business in China use their clout to promote human
rights and religious freedom by establishing systems of corporate responsibility.

"American companies and their representatives in China can and should lead by example. One important way American companies can contribute in this regard is through good corporate social responsibility programs," he said.


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