Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A15-L2

Release Date: May 9, 2003

Topic: Statements about US Companies code of conduct in China (SARS) and NGO's

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Part 1:
Statement on US Cooperation's Codes of Conduct in China
-- By Wei Jingsheng Foundation

April 28, 2003

One of the major fields this Foundation works on regards workers' rights, as well as the codes of conduct and working conditions of the companies and factories that employ them, including those of foreign companies and joint ventures. Of course, the US companies have a lot of investment and are doing a lot of business with China.

For these companies, naturally, their primary concern is profit. Most of them do not want to "interfere with the internal affairs" of China, nor do they want to care about Chinese human rights. On the surface, it seems very reasonable. In reality, it has helped the Chinese Communists to restrict and even suppress Chinese human rights, including the flow of information and free expression. Nevertheless, while these companies only focus on revenues and care about self-protection with their concern of offending the Chinese government, they have really done damage not just to Chinese human rights, but also their own interests.

What these companies have done has effectively reduced the pressure the international community has on the Chinese government. It is now time for these companies to review their moral and ethical codes. They should try to apply what they have in their own country to the factories and companies Overseas, especially in China. Among them, these companies should build a moral standard of not protecting the interests of the suppressive Chinese government. They should not speak in favor of the Chinese government. They should not work on behalf of what the Chinese government wants yet is unable to accomplish itself, either in China, or in the US, or elsewhere in the world.

Although we know these calls of conscience have their limited appeal, we want to point out that how these companies conduct themselves in China has not just helped the Chinese government to further damage human rights by allowing a poor standard of conduct in China, but also damaged their own interests and that of their employees. Their conduct has resulted in themselves and their employees being afraid to speak freely, not just inside China, but even Overseas. (We have examples but are not submitting these cases and names until necessary, which involve top brand-name companies.) It also brings them the hazard of health, which could be life threatening.

Take the recent spread of SARS as an example. Due to the fact that the Chinese government restricted the truth, instead of spreading the necessary information, their obstacles have helped to spread the virus. The result is not just damaging the health and lost lives of our fellow Chinese inside China, but also the same threat to the rest of the world, including the health and lives of these companies.

Not long ago, a poor woman with diagnosed SARS was refused of health care in the South and had to return to her home in the north. It was that fateful journey made more people in the north get infected with the disease, before the poor woman died. Not any excuse should let the innocent citizens' lives be victimized, and expose the whole world to risk. It is time for us to realize that pressure must be brought to the Chinese government as much as we can. That is the responsibility of the whole world, for the welfare of all humanity. The US companies must strengthen and enhance their own code of conduct not just in the US, but also in the rest of the world, including China. These companies have a choice between to align themselves with the Chinese workers for their welfare, or align themselves with the Chinese government to exploit and suppress workers' rights and benefits altogether.

As a matter of fact, the poor workers' benefit protection has a long history. For more than a decade, there have been more than one hundred twenty million "peasant workers" from the countryside supporting almost all of the construction and service industry, especially the processing industry for export. In reality, they are "second class citizens" with no official "city registration" and live in terrible temporary shelters. Due to the lack of official "city registration", they do not have the social and economical benefits the city dwellers may have, and especially lack health and life insurance. Under the health system that is guided by rules that refuse patients who do not have money, a sick "peasant
worker" basically has nothing for protection even when he/she is very ill, like the woman who died of SARS that was mentioned in the last paragraph. The so-called "workers union" which is paid by and works for the Chinese government, has done nothing beneficial for these miserable workers. The owners and enterprisers simply keep an attitude of "one eye open with one eye closed" in dealing with these problems, unless a dispute gets out of control.

One has to ask, for a government that does not care for the welfare of its own people and lied to protect itself, how could others including these companies trust this kind of government? How could you give assistance to this type of government in any form, or align your moral codes and ethical conduct with the allowance of this type of government?

It is time for the US companies to act and raise their moral conduct in China, to what we expect of them in the US. It is time for the US government and congress to act, on behalf of the freedom loving people instead of the profit seeking companies, to assure the moral and ethical expectation of these companies.

Thank you very much for your attention!


Part 2: Statement about Chinese Government Sponsored "Chinese NGO's"

March 10, 2003

Dear Congressional Executive Commission on China,

I am Ciping Huang, speaking on behalf of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation. I want to take today's opportunity to brief you about the status of Chinese non-governmental organizations (NGO).

As you probably know, the Chinese government is so suppressive that they are in great fear of the opposition. Therefore, they treat real NGOs as their threat and enemy, especially when they consider the groups or organizations as "politically motivated". The government not only suppresses the NGO's in the way they suppress the dissidents inside of China, they also take every measure possible to prevent the emerging of the democratic force outside of China, including preventing and inhibiting the formation of real Chinese NGO's.

In the past, Chinese dissidents and real Chinese NGO's have been operating under extreme difficulties, not just inside China, but also outside China in the international arena. For example, the Chinese government has been preventing Chinese dissident groups and real NGO's registering with the United Nations so they could participate in international affairs normally. Currently, there is no single Chinese (or Tibetan) NGO registered with the UN representing the dissidents group for human rights and democracy. Instead, "Chinese "NGO's" there really are acting on the behalf of the Chinese government.

It is a common knowledge that every spring, inside the UN Geneva compound, the so-called NGO delegations from China are really working for the Chinese government. Instead of defending Chinese human rights on the behalf of our Chinese fellows, they defend the Chinese government and those who abuse Chinese human rights, in the name of Chinese NGO's. Several well known agencies include the All China Women's Federation, Chinese Handicapped Association, Chinese Patriot Catholic Association, Chinese Buddhist Association and All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU). All of them are funded by the Chinese government and follow the direction of the Chinese government.

I am hereby urging the commission to pay attention to this issue and not support the Chinese government with American tax payers' money by supporting these kind of "NGO's".

Thank you for your attention,

Huang, Ciping




Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A15-L2
Release Date: May 9, 2003

Topic: Statements to CECC about US Companies code of conduct in China and NGO's












实际上工人们的福利得不到保障已经由来已久。十多年来下来,来自农村的"民工" 总数已经超过了一亿两千万,他们支撑着大陆几乎所有的建筑、服务产业,尤其是出口加工业。他们实际身份是"二等公民",没有正式户口,通常住在条件恶劣的临时住处,自然也没有正常的医疗保险、人身保险。在"不交钱不看病"的医疗体制下,一个生了重病的民工基本上就是没有任何保障。我们才提到的那位因SARS而亡的妇女就是一个例证。而由国家豢养的所谓"工会",对他们的疾苦没有做过任何有意义的工作。企业主们则基本上眼睁眼闭,保持"不到纠纷弄大了不过问"的态度。















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