Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A16-G7

Release Date: May 29, 2003

Topic: Please Attend June 4, 1989 Candle Light Vigil Hold in DC on June 1, 2003




The Wei Jingsheng Foundation and the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition are dedicated to the promotion of human rights and democratization in China.  We appreciate your assistance and help in any means.

We pledge solidarity to all who struggle for human rights and democratic
governance on this planet. 

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We are calling you to join us again this year for our upcoming memorial services all over the world for the 14th anniversary of the TianAnMen massacre on June 4, 1989. 

The vigil in Washington, DC, USA will be on June 1, 2003 from 7pm to 9pm.

As in previous years, this year's event in Washington is sponsored by the IFCSS
(Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars) and co-sponsored by many other organizations, including the Wei Jingsheng Foundation and Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition.

The candle light vigil will be at the TianAnMen Park right in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC.  The embassy's address is:
2201 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC.  As in the past, the speakers will include the leaders of the Chinese democracy movement and 1989 student leaders. 
Leaders of the local Chinese community and human rights defenders of other countries and areas will also join us. 

During the candle light vigil, a letter from the TianAnMen victims and families inside China will be publicized to the news media that always report our event.  IFCSS will also announce the recipient of its 3rd annual Spirit of Freedom Award.

During the same weekend, IFCSS will hold its 11th Convention in Washington, DC, USA.  Mr. Wei Jingsheng is the invited speaker for the event. 


Attachment 1: IFCSS to Hold Candle-Light Vigil in Memory of June 4, 1989

June 4th Tiananmen Massacre Anniversary Candle-light Vigil

Time:  7:00PM - 9:00PM

Date:   June 1, 2003 (Sunday)

Place: Tiananmen Square (In front of the Chinese Embassy)
2300 Connecticut Ave., NW

Contact: (202)347-0017

Sherrod Brown,  US Congressman
Wei Jingsheng, Prominent Dissident & Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Wang Dan, 89 Student Leader 
Wu Heyi, Chinese Community Leader
(Partial Speakers'List)

Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the US (IFCSS)
Greater Washington Network for Democracy in China (GWNDC)
Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition
Wei Jingsheng Foundation
The Laogai Research Foundation
Taiwan Benevolent Association of Greater Washington, D.C.
Federation of Overseas Hong Kong Chinese in DC
China Support Network
Capitol Area Tibetan Association
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial
(partial list)


Attachment 2: IFCSS Announcement Regarding its 11th Convention

Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the US
733 15th Street NW, Suite 700, Washington D.C. 20005;
Tel: (202) 347-0017  Fax: (202) 737-0024

May 1, 2003

For Immediate Release
Yi, Danxuan
Tel: (202) 347-0017
E-mail: hq@ifcss.org

IFCSS will hold its 11th convention at the end of May.

The Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the US (IFCSS) is to hold its 11th Convention On May 31 and June 1 in Washington DC. After the convention IFCSS will hold its 14th annual candle light vigil in memory of the June 4 Massacre in front of the Chinese Embassy at 2300 Connecticut Avenue, Washington DC.

IFCSS was founded by Chinese students and scholars in the US in July 1989, one month after the June 4 massacre. IFCSS has the principle of promoting human rights and democracy in China, promoting the interests of the Chinese students in the US and enhancing the cultural exchange between China and the US. IFCSS has members from all over the US. IFCSS is a non-profit organization and is operated on democratic rules and all IFCSS officers are volunteers. IFCSS was instrumental in lobbying the US congress for the June 4 protection bill and has been sending humanitarian aid to the June 4 victim families ever since 1989.

The participants of both events will be responsible for their own travel expenses.  IFCSS will provide room and board upon approval of the task force for 11th Convention.

Those interested in participating in either or both events can contact IFCSS at 202-347-0017 or hq@ifcss.org.

Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the US (IFCSS)
Washington D.C.








今年在华盛顿地区的六.四烛光晚会将再一次由全美学自联主持。主办单位还有中国民主运动海外联席会议及魏京生基金会。时间是:2003年6月1日晚上7时至9时。地点是:中国驻美大使馆前的天安门公园(2201 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, USA)。

魏京生先生及美国国会议员Sherrod Brown,王丹等将到场并致词。全美学自联还将公布天安门受难群体的来信及其全美学自联第三届自由精神奖的获奖者。




時間:7:00PM 至 9:00PM
日期:2003年6月1日 (星期日)
     2300 Connecticut Ave., NW

來賓演講: 謝羅德.布朗,美國國會眾議員

主辦團體: 全美中國學生學者自治聯合會 (全美學自聯)
      大华府華人支持民運聯絡委員會 (華府聯委會)



全美中国学生学者自治联合会将于2003年5月31日至6月1日在华盛顿特区召开第十一届代表大会。会议结束后,学自联随即将在中国大使馆前 (2300 Connecticut Avenue, Washington DC) 主办一年一度的"六四"烛光晚会,时间为6月1日的晚上7点整到9点整。 


根据学自联的章程,凡认同学自联宗旨、在美国任何一所大学或研究机构学习或者工作 (或者曾经学习、工作过) 的华人均可成为学自联会员。我们欢迎相关人士与会,也希望各界人士出席烛光晚会。对于参加第十一届代表大会的会员,经大会筹委会的批准,学自联将提供食宿,旅费则自理。




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     WASHINGTON DC 20006
电话: 1-202-974-8395
1-516-384-1958 (紧急联系黄慈萍)


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