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Release Date: June 21, 2003

Topic: Communist Party entered the new century with its old repressive tricks
标题:中共带着老一套把戏进入新的世纪 ── 从六・四到"沙士"



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June 4, 2003
Chinese Communist Party entered the new century with its old repressive trick
-------From June 4 to SARS

By Jun Peng (Assistant President of Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China)

Time is flying. Fourteen years have passed since the bloody crackdown of the pro-democracy movement in Beijing on June 4, 1989.

So many things have happened in this time frame of fourteen years: the disintegration of the "Evil Empire"---the former Soviet Union, the Gulf War of 1991, the 9-11 terrorism attack on New York and Washington, D.C., and the Iraq War that is just over, to name just a few.

China has also witnessed great change in these past fourteen years. Numerous skyscrapers are dotting the cities. The owning of private cars---which used to be a dream, has come true for more and more Chinese people. A social status similar to the "middle-class" in the US is showing up in China.

Meanwhile how about the Chinese political system? Can we find any positive change in these past fourteen years? Our answer has to be NO---there has been no change in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Rather than running China by rule of law as bragged by the CCP itself, the CCP is still ruling China by terror, deceit, unmerciful, and even crude suppression. China is still a typical "police state".  

On religious persecution:

According to the investigation carried out by the Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China (CIPRC) in New York and presided over by Mr. LI Shixiong, based on a sample size of 560,000 house church members, in the past two years it is estimated that among over 60 million house church members there have been 2,700,000 arrested, 440,000 jailed, 10,000 tortured to death, 20,000 handicapped by torture, 200,000 in hiding or missing, 750 officially wanted, and 1,130,000 heavily fined since China adopted "open door and reform" policies in the early 1980's. Please remember all these violations happened in the "golden age of human rights" according to the Chinese government's self-assessment.

On the persecution on Falun Gong:

It began in the middle of the night, July 20 of 1999. Across China under the veil of dark, police and secret agents dragged hundreds of ordinary people from their beds, forcing them into prisons and detention centers: their crime, the practice of Falun Gong.

The suppression of religious freedom and Falun Gong practitioners has been from the outset in direct violation of China's own constitution, as well as a breach of the international human rights treaties the Chinese government has signed. It has branded millions of peace-loving citizens enemies of the state, and sought to destroy them.

Of course for the CCP, the Constitution is nothing but a showcase to deceive foreigners. All international treaties are nothing but "trash papers", who cares?

Then we come to the "June 4" massacre.

Fourteen years have passed since this tragedy happened. However, until now, the Chinese government has not expressed any sorrow for the victims. The evil-doers who killed innocent Chinese people are not reprimanded or even investigated. The Chinese government is so powerful and effective in suppressing people's human rights and silencing dissidents' voices, yet it failed to make accurate statistics about the casualties in this one city of Beijing.

I know there are many people, both Chinese and some Americans, who may not agree with my points. They will cite many achievements in today's China to confront me, such as the greater personal freedom Chinese people are enjoying compared to the devastating "Cultural Revolution" age of 1960-1970s'. However, I would like to point out that, the political system in China, and the very nature of the CCP, does not change. What changes are the persons who run the system---there is no Mao Zedong---the "half human half ghost" Titan in China any more. There are no die-hard Communist Party members either in current China. More and more CCP members, from the highest ranks to the bottom, do not want to make a sacrifice for the CCP. Making big money is becoming their utmost object. Ironically enough, it is from this corruption that Chinese people are getting their "freedom".

Then what should we do? Not care and just "observe the fire from across the river"? Or even align with the CCP to make huge profits that cannot be earned even from illegal drug trading? In fact, many are doing this now.

However, we must keep in mind the evil nature of the CCP. Getting along with the CCP is like "dancing with the wolf". You must take all the care you can.

Take the recent spread of SARS---Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which started from Guangdong of China, as an example. Due to the fact that the Chinese government covered the truth, instead of disseminating the necessary information in accordance with international norms, their obstacles have lead to the spread of the SARS virus all around the world. The result is not just damaging the health and lost lives of our fellow Chinese inside China, but also causing the same threat to the rest of the world, including those living in the free world but aligning with the Chinese Communist Party.

So we need to act. We need to stand up for those persecuted for their faith, and political belief and political opinions. And we need to speak out for those mistreated and harassed by the CCP just because they are using their constitution granted right of freedom.

Otherwise the virus next time is sure to be more virulent.








                       ── 从六・四到"沙士"

彭 军 (中国宗教迫害真相调查委员会主席助理)





















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