Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A22-M3


 Release Date: July 20, 2003



Topic: Chinese Government's State Terrorism Against Conscience Chen,ShiZhong

标题:旨在摧毁道德良知的中共国家恐怖主义 (作者:陈师众)



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Editor's words:


July 20 this year marks the 4th anniversary of the official crackdown on Falun Gong ordered by the Chinese government, which cost many lives and freedom.  In observation of this sad date, I choose this article written by Dr. ShiZhong Chen, a Falun Gong practitioner, who is also an old schoolmate and long time friend of mine.


It was 25 years ago that I first met ShiZhong when he came to my classmates' dorm for a visit.  We were still teenagers, but ShiZhong was one of those few dozen special "talented children" in the whole country allowed to attend the only college that had special admission open to the under-aged them at that time.  (There were some of them in my class too; one was the youngest at age 11, two were 12.)  His talents surely made me feel "the peer pressure".  Fortunately, he was majoring in biology.


Then we all graduated (it only took three years for him to finish the typical designated five years schooling), found our jobs, and came to the USA for graduate studies.  We did not see each other until the 1989 student movement in China brought us together.  In 1990, out of the Chinese students from more than one hundred universities, ShiZhong was elected vice president of IFCSS.  One thing he impressed me with then was his persistence in making the IFCSS delegation trip to the then USSR successful.  Former colleagues of Sakharov who were in charge of the youth committee in the Supreme Soviet had invited us.  The Chinese government tried every possible way to stop us and put too much pressure on the USSR embassy in Washington DC keeping them from issuing us visas.  It was ShiZhong who tried all the approaches and eventually convinced the then foreign affairs minister Mr. Shevarnadze to order visas for our travel.  One of the places we visited was the third largest Russian city Gorky (now its name has been changed back to Nizhniy Novgorod) that was the town for the exiled Mr. Sakharov and was still closed to the outside.  As the 2nd foreign delegation to ever visit the city, we surely were well followed and monitored by the KGB (and 2/3 of us got running stomachs from the poor sanitation).  Nevertheless, it was there that we saw the coming fall of the Soviet Union.  During that trip, freedom and democracy was on our mind and in our discussion as well.


I am delighted that we have been on this parallel path over the last decade.  Especially during my last a few years, while I was doing some human rights projects, ShiZhong would call me for some request, or advice, or just showing support.  Later, I learned that he has been practicing Falun Gong.


Only last year I met him again in personal after nearly a decade.  We met in Geneva for United Nations’ human rights commission.  ShiZhong was trying to let the whole world learn the truth about the Chinese government's human rights abuses on Falun Gong members.  This year, we met in Geneva again.  I was very moved when I read the 1/2" thick Falun Gong Report he oversees that he and his wife were distributing to the delegates from all over the world.  The book had carefully documented hundreds of cases of human rights abuses the Chinese government conducted on Falun Gong practitioners. 


A decade ago, it was ShiZhong’s persistence made our USSR trip a success, I believe his persistence to bring justice for his fellow Falun Gong members will also overcome all the difficulties and reach the right conclusion.  Yet, without a doubt, to defend human rights for the Falun Gong practitioners is not just a duty for the Falun Gong practitioners themselves, but a responsibility of all of us.


The following speech is what ShiZhong delivered at our briefing in the United Nations’ human right commission in Geneva on April 10, 2003.


-- Ciping Huang



This editor recommends the following article to our readers, although its contents do not represent either Mr. WEI Jingsheng or the Wei Jingsheng Foundation's opinion or stand.




The Chinese Government's State Terrorism Against Conscience



Let me begin my presentation by introducing The Falun Gong Report 2003. This year's report focuses on Chinese government's human rights violation against women and children Falun Gong practitioners. The fact that we are even able to compile a report this thick indicates the severity of the situation.


Let me read just one tragic case from the <<Falun Gong Report 2003>>


"Ms. Li Yinping, 37, an employee of Weifang Animal Husbandry Bureau, Weifang City, Shandong Province. On June 4, 2001, she was merely visiting a fellow practitioner's home in Majia Village of Shouguang City, Weifang region. Police from the Shouguang Police Station came to arrest Ms. Li and all other practitioners who were there. They were all detained at the Sunji Police station, although no legitimate criminal charges were brought against them. They were forced to stand outside to be burned under the hot sun. Ms. Li was also interrogated and beaten. Afterwards, the police interned the practitioners without any legal procedure in the Shouguang Detention Center.


On the afternoon of June 6, 2001, Ms. Li, along with the other detained Falun Gong practitioners, requested unconditional release. The policemen dragged Ms. Li into the hallway and beat her with a rubber baton. After drinking alcohol, five to six policemen began another round of torture. They slapped her face, twisted one of her arms behind her back, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, hit her all over her body with rubber batons, and shocked her with electric batons. The policemen stripped Ms. Li of all of her clothing to inflict more pain by beating her unprotected skin. After beating Ms. Li, the policemen chained her to an "Iron Chair". After taking a break, later on in the evening, the director of the detention center, Team Leader Wang, and other guards took turns shocking her genitals with electric batons. Her whole body was shaking, and had turned dark purple and black. She suffered severe pain, and lost consciousness several times. Each time, the guards revived her with cold water, so that they could shock her again. One of the officers threatened to rape and kill her. They continued to shock her with the batons even after she began spitting up blood. This torture lasted for several hours. Ms. Li was left chained to the iron chair, and she kept vomiting all night.


By early the next morning, June 7, 2001, Ms. Li had lost consciousness and no pulse could be detected. However, the policemen still would not take her to the hospital. At last, they accepted that she was near death, so the plainclothes policemen took her to the People's Hospital at Shouguang City, where she died that same day."


You are welcome to copies of our reports. I want to assure you that these are but a smallest fraction of what is going on in China. From the information we have received, we know hundreds of thousands of people have been arrested and tortured in force-labor concentration camps, in mental hospitals, and in numerous so-called "brainwashing classes." At least 2,500 have died in police custody, with countless others still unaccounted for. The severity of the violations and the number of people victimized makes the persecution of Falun Gong undisputed number one human rights disaster today in the world and one of the worst in history. The situation may be comparable to the Holocaust, which we did not know the full scale of atrocity until the downfall of Nazis.


One asks: Why such cruelty? Why all these killings? The answer is: to force and maintain a state of terror in which people are goaded into a habit of acting against their conscience. Throughout its 50 plus years of rule and persecution, the PRC dictators have openly announced to the nation that only some 5% of the people are targeted, and that the rest will be safe. This brings out the very worst of human nature - clinging to the majority side at any cost, even at the expense of friends and relatives, and closing their eyes to the human rights of the 5%. That 5%, of course, has been rotated so often that the whole nation has been beaten into submission. That is exactly the objective of the PRC terrorists: people acting against their conscience and looking away from state evil doings.  The worst part of this crime against conscience is that it is self-perpetuating: the more it goes on, the more people are hardened to act against their conscience.


The innate hatred of conscience is the real reason for the PRC government's persecution of Falun Gong. Falun Gong is apolitical. Falun Gong practitioners only aspire to become the best people they can be by embodying the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." This inevitably leads to personal integrity, courage, and universal benevolence. However, that is what evildoers fear. The sole objective of the PRC regime's persecution is to force Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their own conscience. If you renounce Falun Gong, you are free to go; if not, you are tortured and killed. This clearly shows that being evil and forcing people to give in to evil is the real and only reason for PRC regime's attack on conscience; no more, no less.


It is for same hatred of conscience that the Chinese government has persecuted Christians, Catholics, Tibetan Buddhists, and all orthodox teachings.  Intolerance or discrimination in China is not one religion against another, or one race against another, but seekers of totalitarian evil power against seeks of conscience.


There can be no defense of such crime; even the Chinese regime has to resort to categorical denial. What the Chinese regime counts on is affecting indifference in international society through deceit and coercion.


The persecution of Falun Gong violates all thirty articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as China's own constitution.  Some, however, have chosen to overlook that, but to wishfully believe that China is moving towards rule of law; some even subscribe to China's propaganda that FLG is illegal in China and Falun Gong practitioners are "all treated according to the law." To propagate such lies is not only an unwitting betrayal of the Declaration, but also a mockery of the rule of law. Will you buy the logic of forcing a murderer or rapist to renounce murder and rape as rule of law? Isn't China trying to sell you the same folly when it claims forcing Falun Gong practitioners to renounce Falun Gong is a rule of law?


The Chinese government has also used economic interest to coerce international opinion. Not unlike its targeting of only 5% of the people as the tactic of crime against conscience, the Chinese government singles out any country or state or city or business that may be in its way and say "we will not do business with you unless you remain silent to what we do." Under the PRC's menace, some have reversed their initial outcry against the violations, some have rescinded heir moral support towards the victims, and some have even imposed self-censorship, choosing to remain silent to the killings. What China has imposed up on international society is isolation and fear, a fear of being left out of some economic gain. People may not realize that this is a persecution of a different kind. We all like to think we know what is right, and we all like to think we stand up for justice. However, when the PRC regime coerces us to act against our principles, isn't it in effect persecuting our own consciences? Using this isolation and fear, China has forced Cambodia to repatriate FLG practitioners who have already obtained UN refugee status. It has forced the US to remain quiet about the sentencing of Dr. Charles Li, a US citizen and FLG practitioner. It has forced Germany and Iceland police to manhandle FLG practitioners peacefully protesting to the visiting China president. It has forced the world to remain quiet about legislation of Article 23 in HK. I cannot name all the indecency the world was coerced into performing, but let me end my presentation by saying all that is part of the Chinese regime's global campaign of fear against conscience. It may be other people's basic rights under violation, but it is your conscience at trial.



(Chinese version is written by ShiZhong Chen, but not a direct translation of the English version.)




Bio of CHEN, ShiZhong



1981  B.S.    USTC 

1991  Ph.D.   UCSD


Current employment

Director of Genetic Systems, Egea Biosciences Inc., San Diego, California


Social Activities

1989-             Board of Directors, The TianAnMen Square Foundation

1990-1991         Vice President, Independent Federation of Chinese

                  Students and Scholars in USA

1990-             Board of Directors, The Press Freedom Guardian


Dr. Shizhong Chen has been practicing Falun Gong since 1999, and has been the

contact person of the Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group since 2001




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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A22-M3



Release Date: July 20, 2003



Topic: Chinese Government's State Terrorism Against Conscience Chen,ShiZhong

标题:旨在摧毁道德良知的中共国家恐怖主义 (作者:陈师众)


Original Language Version: English

(English at beginning, Chinese version at the end)

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在这漫长的十年里,我有幸有师众常常给予帮助与指点,也因此得以更进一步地了解法轮功及其法轮功学员受迫害的真象。 师众花了很多心力帮助编辑了一本半英寸厚的有关法轮功学员人权受侵犯的报告,我为他的奉献心所感动,更为那些不幸的人们悲哀。捍卫他们的人权,不仅仅是法轮功学员要做的,也是我们所有人的责任。




-- 黄慈萍






















有人会问:"为何如此残暴?此等国家恐怖主义所为何来?" 每当我提到中共对法轮功的血腥镇压时,都会有人问我类似的问题。答案是:为了胁迫人们放弃道德良知!




这也正是为什么中共当局者必然要镇压法轮功的原因 --这是它的本性所决定的。法轮功学员与世无争,但求向内修炼自己。然而亿万法轮功学员遵循"真善忍",真心向善,做一个好人,一个道德高尚的人,就必然导致道德的回升,导致人的良知、勇气和博爱。 这,恰恰是旨在摧毁道德良知的中共国家恐怖主义所惧怕的。













1981年:中国科学技术大学 学士

1991年:美国加州大学圣地亚哥分校 博士



基因系统主任, Egea Biosciences Inc., San Diego, California



1989-             天安门广场基金会 董事

1990-1991         全美学自联 副主席

1990-             新闻自由导报 董事






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