Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A23-W3

Release Date: August 8, 2003

Topic: Wei Jingsheng: Put Jiang on Trial is to Put All Dictators on Trial



Wei Jingsheng Gives Speech in Washington, DC:
Putting Jiang on Trial Equals Putting All Dictators of the World on Trial

Wei Jingsheng participated in and give a speech at a public gathering with the theme of "Putting Jiang Zemin on Trial" held on June 17, 2003 at the Liberty Square in Washington, DC, the US capital.

Mr. Wei pointed out that it was indeed necessary to file suit against Jiang Zemin, former president of the Chinese communist regime, now.  He expressed that the purpose of his special trip in spite of the rain to participate in the gathering was to express his support for the actions of Falun Gong followers to sue Jiang Zemin.

As for the head-of-state immunity claimed by the Chinese communist regime, Mr. Wei pointed out that, "according to the old international law, a head of a state, even a retired one, indeed enjoys the head-of-state immunity. However, the trend of the world is changing.  People are reaching a consensus on the principle of 'human rights are superior to sovereignty.'  Although a head of a state enjoys the immunity, if he has committed crimes against humanity, then his immunity can and shall be challenged, which means the possibility of holding him legally responsible.  That is, if we sue him in a democratic country, we may succeed in court, although the ruling may not be enforced."

"We have already sued Li Peng and sued Jiang Zemin," he said.  "There will be a day when we shall succeed in enforcement as well.  That is, when the dictatorial regime collapses, all these crimes will be brought to trial in Chinese courts.  Some friends may wonder, since he cannot be arrested now, what's the purpose of suing him?  I think this action is very meaningful. That's because in the past, there were people who thought when someone became a head or high official of a state, he could not be held accountable for crimes he committed.  Currently, the international law is moving toward emphasizing more on humanity and human rights. Those who commit crimes against humanity shall eventually be punished."

"We already have some successes in this aspect," said Wei Jingsheng.  "For examples, both Pinochet and Milosevic were sued.  We need to hold on to our principles and our position.  We will send him to prison eventually.  More importantly, by putting a few dictators on trial, we actually put all dictators around world on trial. Let's be persistent.  Persistence, and patience, is the key.  We shall be more patient than the dictators.  We shall be like a cat, waiting patiently, waiting to catch the rat at the end."

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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A23-W3

Release Date: August 8, 2003

Topic: Wei Jingsheng: Put Jiang on Trial is to Put All Dictators on Trial

Original Language Version: Chinese
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他说:"我们已经告了李鹏,告了江泽民,总有那么一天,我们在执行上也能成功。也就是当中国的专制政权垮台的时候,这些罪的罪行上都会被提出来,会在中国的法庭受到起诉,有的朋友可能会说现在也不能把他抓起来,告了他有什么用呢,我觉得这样的作法非常有意义,因为过去有些人认为他当了国家元首或大官以后,他犯了法就可以不承担责任, 现在的国际法逐渐向讲人道,讲人权,方向转化,就是如果你犯下了全人类公认的反人道罪的话,你最终会受到惩罚。"


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