Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A24-W4

Release Date: August 12, 2003

Topic: Wei Jingsheng against HK 23: Support Hong Kong is to Support Ourselves
标题:魏京生演说谈香港23条: 支援香港, 也是支援我們自己


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Wei Jingsheng Spoke against Hong Kong Article 23:
Support Hong Kong is to Support Ourselves

On June 28, nearly 200 people held a demonstration for several hours in The Mall and Reflection Pool area in Washington DC, in support of Hong Kong citizens against article 23. The mass had a long parade through the DC area, including Chinatown. The demonstrators holding banners and signs in both English and Chinese such as: "Hong Kong Article 23 is Regression of Human Rights" and "Defend Freedom in Hong Kong, Oppose Repressive Article 23 Legislation". This activity was organized by Global Alliance Against Hong Kong Article 23.

Mr. Wei Jingsheng gave a speech for the crowd. Besides the Wei Jingsheng Foundation, many other non-governmental organizations including Freedom House, The Heritage Foundation, and Global Alliance for Democracy and Peace joined and cosponsored the event.

In his speech, Mr. Wei called the citizens of the free world to support the rights of Hong Kong citizens against Article 23. He pointed out that history has given us lessons. If we keep silent when the human rights of others are violated, then eventually the evil force will violate the human rights of everyone. To support citizens of Hong Kong is also supporting ourselves. Also, while the Chinese Communists have power over Hong Kong now, the righteous force shall prevail eventually. For the power belongs to the people, instead of military and government offices. Victory shall ultimately belong to us, instead of the dictators.

What does Article 23 means to the future of Hong Kong? Wei asked the question and answered it himself. "It means that the Chinese Communists are trying to extend the law in Mainland China into Hong Kong, which means the losing of Hong Kong's rights. Economically, the independent financial system of Hong Kong has been restricted. Since 1997, Mainland China has shifted a lot of financial resources and capacities away from Hong Kong that furthered the deterioration of Hong Kong's current economic condition and employment problem. Politically, should Article 23 be established, that would be comparable to practicing the mainland's Communist government's constitution in Hong Kong with severe consequences. This is a conspiracy long planned."

Wei pointed out that there are still non-governmental organizations and groups existing in Hong Kong now, including democracy advocates, FaLunGong and other religious groups. However, Article 23 will threaten the very existence of these groups and people. The Chinese people will lose its base for free expression and their chance to get real information.

Wearing a T-shirt which stated "Holding your conscience, holding Hong Kong", Wei called all the people who care about the present and future of Hong Kong and mainland China to prevent not just Article 23 from being carried out in Hong Kong, but also to care and protect those persecuted people in mainland China and apply more influence and pressure from Overseas, speaking out loud and clear to prevent the invasion of the Chinese Communist dictatorship.

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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A24-W4

Release Date: August 12, 2003

Topic: Wei Jingsheng against HK 23: Support Hong Kong is to Support Ourselves
标题:魏京生演说谈香港23条: 支援香港, 也是支援我們自己

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魏京生发表演说反对香港23条:支援香港 也是支援我們自己

6月28日,魏京生在美國首都華盛頓的國家廣場舉行的"聲援香港,反對23條立法"集會上發表演講, 聲援7月1號在香港舉行的"反對23,還政于民"大游行与示威活动。参与集会的示威者们举着"声援香港市民,反对23条立法"等中英文标语,进行了长达数小时的示威与游行活动。这次活动是由"全球反二十三条立法联盟"主办的。除魏京生基金会外,美国多名非政府组织如自由之家,传统基金会,全侨民主和平联盟等也参与了这次活动。

身穿"守住香港,守住良心"的T-shirt, 魏京生在集会上说:歷史給我們深刻的教訓,如果別人的人權受到侵犯,我們不表明態度,邪惡政權,將逐步侵犯到所有人的人權,支援香港人民,也是支援我們自己。盡管共產党在它的管轄處有优勢,似乎我們不太推得動它,但代表正義的力量最終會胜利,因為力量存在于老百姓心里,他們一定站在我們這邊。我們必胜,專制必敗。


對于海外所有關心香港及中國現在和未來的人士, 魏京生說:"我們應力所能基地阻止23條立法,關注并保護所有在大陸受迫害的人,並在海外施加影響和壓力,發出正義的呼聲,有效地阻止中共專制四處侵入"。



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