Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A25-O6

Release Date: August 15, 2003

Topic: Announcement: OCDC Calls for Letter Writings to Jailed Wang BingZhang

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Editor's Words:

Yesterday, I read the letter written by Wang BingZhang's sister, Wang YuHua,
who just visited him in jail as the first time allowed for his family member
since his sentence last Febrary.  While I was reading the letter, the historic
power blackout happened in north America, including where I was.  Under the
candle light, I thought to myself: this is really symbolic.

Although I have been in different approaches than that of Wang BingZhang,
it does not reduce my respect of him for his firm beliefs and nearly two
decades of effort for Chinese democracy, especially his earlier groundbreaking
and significant work Overseas.  The last time I met him was in early May of
2002 in New York in the campaign Supporting Yang JianLi's Rights for Returning
to China.  His speech won the most applause because it carried the message of
his determination and his braveness that was tested later on.

My speech on that day mentioned the silver lining of the dark cloud.  I
always liked the silver line of the cloud that often brought out the most
spectacular sunset or rainbow on the price of going through darkness or
thunderstorms.  The silver lining of the power outage gave me an appreciation
of the little candle light at this power blackout time.  On these days,
we should not forget Wang BingZhang.  We hope you could write him in jail, to
bring a little warmth and light into his jail cell like the little
candles at this blackout time.

-- Ciping Huang

Announcement: OCDC Calls for Letter Writings to Jailed Wang BingZhang

Wang BingZhang was sentenced to life in February 2003 by the Chinese
government for his pro-democracy activities and had little communication
with the outside since his "disappearence" at the border between China and
Vietnam in June 2002.  The brutal treatment and his sentence revealed how
vicious and disrespectful the Chinese government is toward humanity and

Hereby, the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, along with the Wei
Jingsheng Foundation, calls on its members and friends to write to Wang
BingZhang in jail.  We ask you to show your caring and support for him,
even just for humantarian sympathy.  (Although we know he might not be able
to receive these mails, we do know that enough caring and attention will
bring him some condition improvement in jail.)

Wang BingZhang's current mailing address is:
P.O.Box 10, #22
ShiLi Ting
ShaoGuan City, GuangDong Province
P. R. China 512032

Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition


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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue: A25-O6

Release Date: August 15, 2003

Topic: Announcement: OCDC Calls for Letter Writings to Jailed Wang BingZhang

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