Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A33-G13
Release Date: October 19, 2003
Topic: Global Coalition to Bring Jiang ZeMin to Justice Established in DC


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"Global Coalition to Bring Jiang ZeMin to Justice" Established in DC

The Global Coalition to Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice formally announced its establishment at the National Press Club in Washington DC on the morning of September 30, 2003.

The Coalition is committed to embodying righteous principles, and exposing the crimes of Jiang Zemin.

The Coalition will work to ensure that Jiang is brought to justice in the courts of conscience, morality and law. To date, over 100 organizations and individuals have joined in support of the Coalition.

Li Dayong, one of the initiators of the Coalition, said in the founding announcement, "Since Jiang Zemin became Secretary General of the Communist Party, there have been great setbacks in Chinese society and social morality. His crimes in China have threatened the very values upon which civilization is based. Almost all individuals and large groups wishing to express independent beliefs, mindsets, different ways of thinking or demands, including the students who appealed for democracy on June 4, 1989, laid-off workers, religious believers, Qi Gong practitioners, human rights and democracy advocates, journalists and media workers, and political activists have all suffered persecution to varying degree. In particular, millions of Falun Gong practitioners who believe in the principle of 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance' have suffered brutal persecution that is aimed to defame their reputation, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically."

Li Dayong said that such atrocities are still happening. They have been working very hard by peacefully calling for an end to Jiang's crimes. However, "the existing National People's Congress, legal system, and the police system in China do not have the ability, means or courage to investigate and stop Jiang's crimes and uphold justice."

As to governments or organizations outside of China, "because of people's lack of understanding about Jiang's crimes," or "due to the financial and political pressure," there have been certain obstacles. "In order to truly bring Jiang Zemin to an historic trial, it is necessary for all supporters of justice around the world to join in and push this forward from all directions."

The Coalition also stated, "The people of the world should not tolerate Jiang's crimes. We know that if these crimes continue and are not stopped, and if we still remain silent when faced with such atrocities and wonton destruction of human morality, it's only a matter of time before the same disaster befalls us, and the existence of civilization itself will face a most severe challenge."

"We shall gather all forces of justice, expose all of Jiang's crimes, uphold human dignity and human civilization, and inevitably bring Jiang Zemin to the court of conscience, the court of morality and the court of law - this is the historic mission to which we are obligated."

Mr. Wei Jingsheng attended and gave a speech. Later, he also gave TV and newspaper interviews.

Mr. Wei expressed in his speech that the founding of the Coalition shows that the Chinese people not only possess the quality of compassion, but also the courage to uphold justice. Importantly, to reprimand the crimes of the past is to set a precedent for people today. A major purpose of this coalition is to serve as a warning for Chinese officials who choose to persecute innocent civilians to limit their unjust actions and to reduce the number of people being persecuted in Mainland China today.

China Peace president Mr. Tang Boqiao made use of a quote from a famous author to describe the situation in China, "China has an old saying, that the officials force the people to revolt, but under the current circumstances, the officials are forcing the people to die." He said that China has become a country with soaring suicide rates because everyday people's basic rights to even defend themselves are being forcefully taken away.

Dr. He Haiying, one of the Preparation Committee members of the Coalition, pointed out, "After the Second World War, a new crime was introduced based upon the violent massacres committed by the Nazis, and this was called 'genocide.' The crimes that Jiang has committed however, physically destroy religious organizations and individuals and also demolish people's basic morals and human consciousness. This new crime that Jiang has committed can be referred to as 'Morality Genocide.'"

Falun Gong representative Chen Gang commented on how he was detained in a labor camp for 18 months because of his belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance."

Within those 18 months, among the various physical and mental tortures, he was forcefully kept awake for fifteen consecutive days, and was shocked in sensitive parts of his body with high voltage electric batons. At one point, his head was tied to his legs and he was shoved under a low bed with a heavy object resting on top. This incident almost resulted in the breaking of his spinal cord and caused him not to be able to walk normally for two weeks. Mr. Chen's portrayal of his horrific experience further reflected the degree of persecution and the atrocities that Jiang Zemin has directed upon Falun Gong.

Dr. He said that the news of the founding of the Coalition to Bring Jiang ZeMin to Justice has spread to mainland China, and that the Coalition has received numerous direct responses in regards to this news. Ordinary workers and students who expressed their desire for the news of the Coalition to spread further and faster wrote many of the responses.

The Coalition held its first public gathering on October 6 in New York City.

Anyone that supports the efforts to bring Jiang to trial is welcome to join this Coalition. Please visit the website: www.grandtrial.org for more information.

(This issue owes its gratitude to the news release of the Global Coalition to Bring Jiang ZeMin to Justice and the DaJiYuan report at: http://dajiyuan.com/gb/3/10/1/n385886.htm)


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A33-G13

Release Date: October 19, 2003

Topic: Global Coalition to Bring Jiang ZeMin to Justice Established in DC

Original Language Version: Chinese
(English at beginning, Chinese version at the end)
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李大勇表示这些「暴行」仍在继续,虽然他们一直在和平呼吁,但是「中国现有的人大、法院、公安、律师系统迄今无力、无法和无道德勇气站在职业公正的立场上对江的罪恶实行调查并予以制止。」海外的政府和组织一方面「对江氏邪恶的认识不足」,或受到「经济和政治的压力」,因此,「真正将江泽民全面彻底地送上历史的审判台,需要世界上所有的正义力量都站出来全方位推动。 」











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