Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A42-G15
Release Date: November 27, 2003
Topic: Report to Our Supporters and Readers

Dear supporters and readers,

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the 1st anniversary of our newsletter release. We have a lot to report to you. Thanks for your past support and communications, we are doing better and better everyday.

Here we would like to give you a brief summary of what we have done, which can be divided into two separate parts. The first half of the report is directly associated with you, concentrating on our high-tech effort including Internet use and communications (my pet project :)). The second half of the report mainly outlines what the Wei Jingsheng Foundation and the Overseas Democracy Coalition have done in the past.

Part 1: Our high-tech effort:

1. Our newsletters:

Since Thanksgiving of 2002, we have released 42 issues of our dual-language newsletters. Currently, we have several thousands of subscribers from about 40 countries. We also encourage our friends and members to further distribute our news, especially to China. To our knowledge, some of our newsletters have been distributed in China to hundreds of thousands of readers. And, we have received responses from inside China as well.

These newsletters are effective communication channels between our readers, supporters and us. We have suppressed our distribution to a pace of about once a week in an effort of not over burdens our readers with our newsletters. Here we want to apologize to those of you who have submitted to us articles for publication yet were unable to get them published for this reason. For those of you whose articles finally did get published, we also want to make our apology for the delay. Translation is a time consuming burden and we are often tied up by other more demanding urgent affairs.

For those of you who would like to get our newsletters, please contact us at: news@WeiJingSheng.org to subscribe (or unsubscribe). Please allow us some delay time to process your requests.

2. Our websites:

We currently have two main websites, both started near the end of year 2002. One is www.ChinaLaborUnion.org, which is mainly in Chinese and concentrates on China Labor issues, current affairs in China, and current Chinese laws especially labor laws. The other website is www.WeiJingSheng.org which covers a wide range of issues with more concentration on what Wei Jingsheng himself, the Wei Jingsheng Foundation, and Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition have been doing.

Our websites are our most important means for us to cover the whole globe. Since their inception, we have already received millions of site "requests" with a total of more than a hundred thousand hits from more than 50 countries. For the first several months, the hits were doubling every month. It has been relatively stable now. As of October 2003, just for the www.WeiJingSheng.org site alone, we reached highest average daily hits of more than 1500 and daily visitors of 150. Many of them came from Mainland China due to temporary security lapses that allowed even average Internet users to land our sites. For many November days, we had at least 200 to 300 visitors each day.

Our websites and related articles have been listed and referred to in many places, and are linked with at least two dozen important sites, including but not limited to the mainstream Chinese websites, human rights and democracy sites, US government sites, etc. Several mirror sites have also helped us to reach out, preventing us from disconnection by temporary shutdowns and sabotage by hackers, as well as to referring readers to us constantly.

3. Search engines:

After one-year effort, our websites have come from none to the front page or even the top of the word searches on Yahoo.com and Google.com, etc. on related subjects, especially issues about Wei Jingsheng, the Foundation and Chinese labor. About half of the most common search words are English, while the other half are Chinese.

Of the several thousand words which brought our readers to our sites, the most often used search words are: Wei Jingsheng, Chinese Labor, workers, China, Chinese, Communism, media, and legal, etc. In search of "Wei Jingsheng" in English, one can find more than ten thousand entries. (On google.com, our site ranks the 3rd of 14,600 entries. On Yahoo.com, our site ranks 2nd out of 9,780 entries.). "Wei Jingsheng" in Chinese produces more entries. (On google, we are ranked as the 1st of 20,300 entries. On Yahoo, we are ranked also as the 1st of the 13,800 entries.) In search of "Chinese labor", we are ranked as the 1st of 1,380,000 entries on google, and ranked as the 1st of 915,000 entries on Yahoo!)

4. Our CD distribution

Presently, we are working on a massive distribution of CD's that will contain a wide range of information, including Wei's work, Chinese labor conditions (including Chinese labor law, etc.), the last several years of China news, and other information about our foundation and our Labor Union work. We still have a little space left for a 650MB CD-R and welcome your input in this regard. We will also be glad to send you a copy if you have a willingness and means to duplicate it and send it into China. Please contact HuangCiPing@WeiJingSheng.org for detail.

Part 2: Wei Jingsheng Foundation and Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition work report

Here is a brief outline of our work report, although small portions of our public activities are selectively published in our newsletters already.

Our work can be divided into several aspects.

1. Work inside China. We maintain a constant contact with different groups/persons inside China via different channels and methods. Some are decades old connections; some are people who came to us due to Wei's name recognition. We give them advice and consultation, as well as help them internationally whenever we can. However, for the more successful work, we do not claim credit for either the foundation, or Mr. Wei himself.

2. Our people Overseas. Mr. Wei heads the coalition that is composed of nearly a dozen overseas Chinese democracy organizations. Our members are in over twenty countries. Besides having fairly regular conventions for the coalition, we maintain part of our Mainland China contact through these members. Also of importance is their contact to the local governments and parliaments, and organizations of their residence, etc.

3. Our work overseas. Due to Wei's name recognition, we have been able to establish and maintain many contacts Overseas. Especially, we ask both the United Nations and democratic Western countries to pay attention to the Chinese human rights condition and push for a democratic process via means of their governments, parliaments/congress and NGO's.

We have been attending the United Nations' human rights convention in Geneva yearly, and giving speeches in the UN, as well as organizing forums inside the UN regarding Chinese human rights conditions. Mr. Wei also is regularly invited for conferences and appearances in different countries, and to meet with parliament members and government officials as well as NGO's to discuss China affairs. Taking last year as an example, Wei visited several European countries. He also visited Australia and New Zealand each twice for such meetings and other affairs, as well as to give lectures (the largest ones in local communities with 500 or so people attending). Wei gave lectures in various universities and institutions. Wei also visited Taiwan and met with various persons, including high officials, scholars and news media virtually every year.

The foundation's Executive Director, Ms. Ciping Huang, is particularly active with the US Congress & European Parliament and other US & European partners, with her more than a decade of human rights and Chinese democracy effort. She had presented several articles in various places, especially the CECC (Congressional Executive Commission on China), regarding Chinese human rights conditions.

4. We keep constant contact with other organizations/groups, both Chinese and non-Chinese. We have maintained contacts with other human rights groups, in particular recently with FaLunGong practitioners and underground Chinese Christians, with both media publicity work and documentation of persecuted Chinese Christians. We also keep a close contact with worldwide scholars, journalists and writers who are interested and expert on human rights and China affairs.

5. Mr. Wei Jingsheng has a weekly commentary program on China through Radio Free Asia. He also makes regular appearances on other news media such as Voice of America, BBC, and other Chinese TV and radio stations in USA, Canada, Europe and Taiwan. His articles appear in major newspapers such as the International Harold Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, Figaro, etc. Last year he published a book in Taiwan with "the father of Taiwanese democracy", Mr. Shi M. D. He started a draft for his autobiography and is still working on it.

6. Our best resource is Wei's name recognition and his continued effort for Chinese human rights and democracy, along with many volunteers and their help for our projects. Our worst problem is a lack of financial resources, along with Wei's poor health, which affects our productivity and efficiency. For those of you who genuinely support Chinese democracy and human rights with an intention to donate, please note that the Wei Jingsheng Foundation is a non-profit organization that will provide a tax-exempt receipt for your donations.

Finally, please make a note if you have not that as of July 1, 2003 our office has been moved to a new address:
415 East Capital Street, SE, 2nd floor, Suite 2
Washington, DC 20003
Our office phone is: 1-202-543-1538
Our office fax is: 1-202-543-1539
Our contact e-mail address is: HCP@WeiJingSheng.org

Thank you very much for reading and we wish you a happy holiday season.

-- Ciping Huang
Executive Director, Wei Jingsheng Foundation
Secretary General, Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A42-G15

Release Date: November 27, 2003

Topic: Wei Jingsheng Foundation Report to Our Supporters and Readers

Original Language Version: English
(English at beginning, Chinese version at the end)
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我们的新闻与文章发布已进入了第二个年头。 这与您们的直接交流与鼓励是分不开的。在此特表谢意!




自2002年感恩节至今已经发布了42次中英文的新闻发布,具有几千名订阅者,遍布40 来个国家。收到了成功的效果。新闻发布还通过朋友以及志愿者的帮忙传递到中国大陆,虽然是不定期的,但有的一期最起码有几十万次。


二: 我们的网站

2002年10月以来,基金会已经建立了自己的网站。我们的网址是:www.ChinaLaborUnion.org (以中国劳工问题及其它话题为主)与www.WeiJingSheng.org (以魏京生,魏京生基金会及中国民主运动海外联席会议为主)。



一年后的今天,我们从无到有,很快就走到了网上搜索(如Yahoo! 及google)的前列。 尤其是,魏京生(Wei Jingsheng)的中英文名,及中国劳工的英文名(Chinese Labor)等。






1) 大陆方面的活动。


2) 海外人员的联络。


3) 海外活动方面。


4) 和其他海内外组织团体保持联系。


5) 新闻媒介方面。



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